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RagingStallion: Hector de Silva bangs Adam Ramzi in “Clothing Optional”

Raging Stallion: Hector de Silva tops Adam Ramzi in "Clothing Optional"
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Adam Ramzi and Hector de Silva meet up in the sauna in Raging Stallion’s “Clothing Optional”.

The two hairy hunks lock eyes and soon Hector’s cock is balls-deep inside Adam’s ass. Hector fucks the cum out of his new sauna buddy before he sprays his own load on the sticky stud.

Raging Stallion: Hector de Silva tops Adam Ramzi in "Clothing Optional"
Raging Stallion: Hector de Silva tops Adam Ramzi in "Clothing Optional"

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Adam Ramzi is relaxing in the sauna when Hector de Silva enters and drops his towel. Adam notices instantly and the hunks lock eyes. The studs get down to business and start making out as their dicks grow hard between their hairy legs. Adam can’t go another second without Hector’s cock in his mouth and opens wide to get every inch of meat he can cram down his throat.

After enjoying all the attention, Hector needs a taste of Adam’s big glistening hard-on and gets down to return the favor. Both hung hunks want to fuck but before they do, Adam needs his hole opened up. Hector takes his place in front of Adam’s hairy hole and rims him until he’s ready to receive.

Adam begs for more than just a tongue up his ass and Hector is happy to oblige. Adam bends over to let Hector stretch his hole as Hector slides his cock deep inside and pounds him hard. After a nice long fuck session, Adam wants to be dominated and lies back on the sauna bench to let Hector do the heavy lifting.

Hector fucks the cum out of Adam before he pulls out and mixes his own load with Adam’s pool of jizz, leaving the hairy stud a sticky, cum-covered mess.” (Scene Release: Feb 9, 2018)

Scene Trailer

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– Watch “Clothing Optional” at RagingStallion.com


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