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SpunkWorthy: Heath

SpunkWorthy: Heath rubs one out

SpunkWorthy.com writes:

“Until now, the “record” for biggest cock on the site was held by Jesse who measured out an impressive 9 inches. Well, newcomer Heath is taking over that distinction with his 9 1/2 inch uncut monster.”

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TimTales: Brett Bradley bangs Cam Christou

TimTales: Brett Bradley slams Cam Christou

TimTales.com writes:

“Brett is your friendly guy next door (if you live in Florida), always up for a good time and a skateboard ride to the beach. You know him from a previous video already.

In this episode he meets Cam Christou, one of the most talented newcomers we have seen in the last months.

It was one of the moments when two guys come together and everything is perfect. Great chemistry, both very horny, can’t wait to fuck. Cam had to stop Brett a few times because he would simply have come without touching his cock.

The two really had fun and it was fun shooting that.

A nice one. Enjoy!”

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Men.com: Angel Rock fucks Dalton Pierce in “Spring Fever, Part 3”

Men.com: Angel Rock fucks Dalton Pierce in “Spring Fever, Part 3”

Men.com writes:

“Dalton Pierce tries to pickup hottie Angel Rock but when he doesn’t get a response, he assumes he was rejected. But it was all a misunderstanding stemming from Angel not speaking english.

Luckily they both speak the international language of FUCKING and Dalton gets his hot ass pumped by Angel’s impressive cock.”

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RandyBlue: Dominic Santos fucks Andres Moreno

Randy Blue: Andres Moreno takes every inch of Dominic Santos' big dick
Randy Blue Special Offer

Randy Blue writes:

“Andres is going to break in Dominic. Dominic Santos is our already famous half black, half Italian self sucking versatile adonis.

Andres is so excited that we got to let him take a crack at Dominic.

Andres confessed that he is a size queen. And when he got a look at that long black dong, he knew it had to be inside of him.”

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FalconStudios: Logan Vaughn gets pounded by Billy Santoro in “Best Buddies”

Falcon Studios: Billy Santoro bangs Logan Vaughn in "Best Buddies"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“A beefy and blond Logan Vaughn has come over for playtime with equally beefy Billy Santoro. Billy is dark where Logan is blond, and he has a 5 o’clock shadow and a mat of chest hair.

They are making out on the couch, their hands busy below their waistbands. Logan extracts Billy’s cock and spits on it. Billy grabs Logan by the back of neck, guiding his head and stroking him with approval. When Logan gets up to show Billy his ass, and two hairy, muscular thighs, Billy’s cock is standing at attention. He orders Logan to ‘come sit on my face,’ and Logan obliges.

Once Billy’s tongue has done its work, Logan merely slides downhill, slaloming across Billy’s chest and abs until his butt comes to rest with a hard cock planted solidly in it.

They pivot 180 degrees and now Logan’s back is on the floor and Billy is fucking him from directly overhead. That does the trick for Logan, who cums in thick gobs that pour down from the head of his cock. Panting and sweating, Billy showers Logan with jism.”

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ChaosMen: Owen fucks the cum out of Jet

ChaosMen: Owen fucks Jet raw
Special Offer from Chaosmen.com

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Jet had two tasks assigned for him in this video. While this is Owen’s ‘first time’ with a dude, Jet kinda steals the show.”

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BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom fucks Mick Lovell bareback

BelAmi: Johnny Bloom barebacks Mick Lovell

Johnny Bloom creams Mick Lovell’s hole in this hot condom-free scene from BelAmiOnline.com.

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SeanCody: Kurtis

Sean Cody: Kurtis rubs one out

Former quarterback Kurtis busts a nut in his solo debut at SeanCody.com.

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes footage where he fingers his tight asshole for the first time – and he likes it!

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CorbinFisher: Kent fucks Kellan raw

Corbin Fisher: Kellan rides Kent bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Both Kellan and Kent have this playful energy that really translates in to sex that is intense and fun, and that’s as true here as ever.

These two get along so well with one another, in fact, it’s easy to imagine them being eager and playful fuck buddies always up for fun and ready to get busy!

As playful as Kent can be, he invariably gets more and more intense and aggressive the longer he’s been pounding another guy, and Kellan experiences that here. With Kent relentlessly thrusting away at Kellan’s ass, Kellan starts moaning he’s going to make him cum.

The words, “You’re going to make me cum!”, mean so much when said by so many of the guys here at CF – they go from never having been fucked before to realizing just how good it can feel and having to acknowledge the hard dick pounding away inside them really does push them closer and closer to climax and ultimately over the edge!”

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Men.com: Colby Jansen and Woody Fox bang Dan Broughton in “Scrum, Part 6”

Men.com: Dan Broughton gets fucked by Colby Jansen and Woody Fox in “Scrum, Part 6”

Men.com writes:

“If picking up hot rugby players was a sport, coach Colby Jansen would be world champion!

In part 6 of Men.com series, SCRUM, Dan Broughton gets his ass pounded by the irresistible coach and Woody Fox!”

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