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LatinLeche: “Numero 10”

Latin Leche: "Numero 10"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“The landlord’s nephew is working hard, slaving away in the heat to make this dump of an apartment look good for prospective tenants. The cameraman can’t take his eyes off of him, turned on by his sexy body and handsome face.

When he asks the boy how much he makes a day, the cameraman was quick to offer him the same to just jerk off for 10 minutes! For this kid, that’s a one less day of sweating his ass off!

After a couple minutes, the cameraman gets himself involved, pulling out his own cock and paying the boy to touch him and suck him. The working boy is hesitant at first, but he’s quick to see that he’d rather suck a stranger’s cock than have to keep sweeping up the floors! In fact, he’ll even take a raw cock up his straight ass!

Latin Leche: "Numero 10"

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Latin Leche

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