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Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud barebacks Mateo Diaz

Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud creams Mateo Diaz

Freshmen.net writes:

“Here is the first of two scenes we filmed with Mateo Diaz. Is Peter Annaud too much the challenge for your first porn scene? You won’t think so after viewing Mateo eagerly handling every inch of Peter’s peter.”

Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud creams Mateo Diaz

– Watch the full-length scene at Freshmen.net

Fresh guys at Freshmen.net

One response to “Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud barebacks Mateo Diaz”

  1. Juan says:

    Hello FreshMen/BelAmi models & all Viva Colombia’s Big-Dicks Colombianos !!!

    Must Cum-feast, That All This: Viva Colombia’s New Freshmen Models are super hot Colombianos with humongous {Sexual Delicious Organs} Cocks to eat and sit on then too.

    Naturally my favorite is Mateo Diaz…… But all are succulent men. Therefore, would love if possible to see them all in an Orgy. Perhaps also engaging into autofellatio sucking together their own dicks.

    Which am sure some must be able to do. Because even when the pleasure of oral sex from another man are precious; self-performed oral pleasure not only is a hot turn on doing it. But also seen others is very hot.

    Called a Taboo, but for us that can do it is great and also wonderful way to cum indeed JO at any hour of the day. As well as the ultimate safe self-sex.

    As a 24 years old Bisexual Boricua Latino, with an uncut 23.5cm thick meat, that here can confess. Became addicted to it, since been 15 years of age doing it. And love seen others into it too.

    Therefore wondering if now Freshmen can show us some of this hot Viva Colombia Natives, engaging with your others models joining the action.

    Even if it means returning to Colombia to film this sequels. To Viva Colombia. Do hope you at Freshman and at BelAmi decided to pioneer this on your outstanding films models.

    Hope you take the step and do it. Because all this Colombianos, got me so horny that am even planning to fly to Cartagena to meet some of them Myself;and see if I can met them and show how fun could be fucking while selfsucking at the same time in groups.

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