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FalconStudios: Pierce Paris bangs Casey Jacks in “Hidden Palms”

Falcon Studios: Pierce Paris pounds Casey Jacks in "Hidden Palms"
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In Falcon Studios’ “Hidden Palms”, Casey Jacks is napping by the pool when he’s awakened by a passionate kiss from Pierce Paris.

After making Paris hard as a rock with a long and tender blowjob, Casey bends over to let Pierce fill him up with his big, thick tool.

Falcon Studios: Pierce Paris pounds Casey Jacks in "Hidden Palms"
Falcon Studios: Pierce Paris pounds Casey Jacks in "Hidden Palms"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Pierce Paris is enjoying some time in the pool and when he sees Casey Jacks napping on a couch, Pierce decides to wake him up with a kiss. Casey is thrilled and reaches back to feel what Pierce has lining the inside of his swimwear. Casey finds an extra large dick just waiting for his mouth to make it hard.

Casey works his magic and when Pierce is throbbing hard, he decides to return the favor. Pierce loves the taste of what Casey has to offer and can’t wait to get inside him.

Pierce opens Casey’s hairy hole with a nice long rimming session and when he can no longer take the anticipation, Pierce enters the stud from behind. Pierce moans as Casey’s giant low-hangers dangle and flop with each thrust from the horny hunk.

Casey begs for Pierce to go deeper and after hopping on to ride the massive dick, lies back to let Pierce finish up.

Pierce takes total control over Casey and pumps his ass until Casey relieves himself of his frustrations. When Pierce gets an eye full of what Casey just left behind, he pulls out and gets his own relief as he blasts Casey’s ripped body full of cum.”

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