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CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Marc’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Freshman Marc had such an awesome time with Travis, that he agreed to bottom for us for the first time. He’s definitely straight and told me that outside of CF, he’s had no experiences with any guys. So to break him in, the lucky guy gets to play with Cain!

Right off the bat, I knew this pairing was a hot one. The chemistry was clearly there. Cain pushed him down onto the sofa. He kisses Marc, then slides down to kiss his neck, abs and nipples. Marc keeps struggling to kiss Cain back, but eventually gives in and lets Cain lead the way.

And Cain was loving Marc’s ripped abs! He comes back to kiss them several times. He sucks Marc’s dick. He spits on the shaft to lube it up, and plays with Marc’s balls as he sucks his cock. He even slaps Marc’s long dick against his thigh.

They kiss again. Marc pulls Cain on top of him. As Cain pulls his shirt off, Marc kisses Cain’s perfect abs and eagerly sucks Cain’s always-hard cock. He sucks Cain’s nutsack.

Cain says, “I want you to deepthroat my cock. Let’s see how far down you can go.” Marc makes a valiant effort, but can only go about halfway down Cain’s huge, uncut dick.

They 69 each other. Cain moves from sucking Marc’s dick, to playing with Marc’s virgin asshole. He spits on it and fingers it. He tongues it, anxious to get it ready for his cock. He spits again and slides two fingers into Marc’s ass.

Marc continues to suck Cain’s cock and moan with pleasure during all this assplay. Cain says, “I want you to sit on my dick.” Marc saddles up in a reverse cowgirl, and starts easing onto that thick cock.

Cain said before he likes breaking in newbies and fucking experienced guys equally. But he has a great instinct about fucking freshmen. He slides up into Marc slowly. Marc groans, slowly accepting the pleasure of having so much dick stuffed inside him.

Marc’s cock is standing straight out, so Cain starts fucking faster. He bends Marc over the sofa and drills him from behind. Again, he starts slow, and then when he knows Marc can take it all, starts hammering Marc’s ass with his cock.

Marc lays flat on his back and Cain spreads Marc’s legs wide. Cain plugs Marc’s ass with his cock. It’s only a few moments before the intense fucking makes Marc shoot. Thick ropes of cum cover his ripped abs.

Cain tells Marc he wants to come in his mouth. He fucks Marc’s hole until he’s ready. Then he stands over Marc, and jets of cum spurt into Marc’s mouth and down his cheek. Marc leans up and sucks Cain’s cock dry.

They kiss and head to the showers. Marc says he liked his first bottom scene a lot. Marc and Cain talk about girls and Marc says he has an ex-girlfriend who’s always ready for him. Cain, not surprisingly, has a couple of girls waiting for him.

Next up is food for both of them and Cain wants a nap. He’s earned it!”

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