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CorbinFisher: Aiden fucks Zeb

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I’ve been waiting to pair these two up for quite a while! There’s something so hot about a much bigger guy and a smaller, leaner one, as Aiden and Cameron showed a few months ago. So I’ve been itching to match up super big and buff Aiden with the handsome, lean Zeb. I suspect fans out there have been waiting for it, too.

What even I didn’t know was Aiden and Zeb had been looking forward to it – eagerly – for quite a while! Maybe it was the difference in size, or the fact that they’ve gotten to be friends… heck, maybe it’s the scorpion tattoos they have in common.

Whatever it is, before we even had the cameras ready, they were kissing and trying to rip each others’s pants off at the same time. I had to rein them back in! Once Aiden and Zeb get going for real, it’s a fuck fest to remember.”

– Download this hot scene at CorbinFisher.com

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