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CollegeDudes: Sean Summers fucks Brayden White

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Sean Summers heats up the bedroom with Brayden White in this scene. Brayden was absolutely smitten with Sean, and he was very excited to get down to business with him.

Sean and Brayden make out, with Sean quickly taking the dominant role. Soon enough, Brayden is on Seans dick like white on rice, and Sean is moaning and groaning with pleasure. Brayden knows how to please, and soon enough Sean and Brayden are in a sexy 69. Sean jerks and sucks on Brayden as he shoves his own dick down Braydens throat.

Sean’s cock is soon in another hole, and Sean is pounding away at Brayden. His teen ass is tight, but Sean manages to get his thick cock all the way in.

The fucking gets intense and soon Sean has Brayden pinned down on the bed getting slam-fucked. Brayden is relatively quite, but you can tell by the look on his face that he is in heaven. Once on his back, Brayden begins jerking his cock as his tight hole is getting fucked.

Sean fucks like a piston, making Brayden ready to shoot his load. Brayden squirts out his joy juice just before Sean dumps his own load. Hot Fuck!”

- Download the full-length scene at CollegeDudes.com

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