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CollegeDudes: Devin Adams fucks Kenny Coors

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Kenny Coors was eager to meet Devin Adams and make a great show together. Kenny has been getting better than ever at taking dick, and this fuck shows how far he has come!

Devin begins to get Kenny riled up, and soon Devin is on Kennys cock. Kenny loves Devins tongue licking around his head and Devin’s lips pursed around his shaft. Kenny wants a taste, too, and he is on his knees with a mouthful of Devin’s pole in no time at all.

Once Devin’s dick has been worshipped and Devin is feeling amazing, Devin sits down and Kenny slides right on down. Kenny does not have much of a problem fitting Devin in, and Kenny is soon bobbing up and down – obviously great at it by the looks on Devins face.

Devin’s cock stretching Kenny’s hole is a sight to behold! Before long Devin is banging Kenny doggie style, grabbing onto his hips and thrusting away. Eager for a final blast, Devin and Kenny end up on the floor with Kenny’s feet in the air and Devin banging away. These two studs embrace after their awesome orgasms. Sweet Fuck!”

- Download the entire scene at CollegeDudes.com

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