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ColbysCrew: Colby Jansen fucks Tobias James in “The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro)”

Colby's Crew: Tobias James bottoms for Colby Jansen in "The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro)"

Tobias James helps out his sex-starved ‘bro’ Colby Jansen – with his ass and mouth!

Colby's Crew: Tobias James bottoms for Colby Jansen in "The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro)"
Colby's Crew: Tobias James bottoms for Colby Jansen in "The Ex-Girlfriend (Being There for Your Bro)"

ColbysCrew.com writes:

“Women. Ugh! Colby’s is really frustrated with his girlfriend. He’s on the phone with her haggling over unpaid bills and her non-stop long hours at the job. And, obviously too much work means too little sex. Colby hangs up, knowing nothing has been settled. She’ll be home late, exhausted and ready for bed. Breaking this mood of desperation, Tobias James walks in with beers in hand. He gives one to Colby, and sits next to him and asks, “what’s up?”.

Colby vents, and ultimately admits to having gone without sex “forever”. Ok, in fact he means “months”. It’s still a chilling feeling for such a hot-blooded stud in his prime. Tobias is in disbelief and lends a sympathetic ear to his sexually frustrated buddy. Tobias is even willing to sacrifice himself and provide his buddy with a helping hand. “Well, you know, I have a mouth and an ass,” he says. Colby spontaneously laughs it off. But Tobias persists. As the idea sinks in, Colby relents and without giving Tobias a clear signal to go ahead, he doesn’t ward him off either. “Whatever,” he responds nonchalantly, giving Tobias an “all-clear” as he chugs back on his beer.

Tobias moves into position, on his knees, in between Colby’s seated legs. He starts to unzip his bud’s jeans and presses in with his mouth pulling at the briefs-covered crotch. Tobias then stands back and removes his shirt, revealing his hunky upper body, while Colby removes his pants and briefs, letting his bone-hard cock spring free.

Tobias moves back in again, this time unimpeded by any clothing and swallows his buddy’s stiff cock. Colby is responding well to Tobias’s deep throat action, groaning like a buck. His dick disappears time and again as his bro plunges in non-stop. This goes on and on as Colby is feeling the intense relief he so desperately wanted from his girlfriend. Tobias is on his game.

As they get up to strip the rest of their clothes off, Colby’s impressed by what he sees and compliments his friend as soon as he gets an eyeful of Tobias’s large curved uncut cock. They now switch roles. It’s Colby’s turn to give his friend an intense blow job, going so far as to deep throat Tobias’s massive prick. Colby is obviously releasing quite a bit of pent-up anxiety and ends up taking it out on the willing Tobias. Tobias’s butt hole is as hungry as they get, and Colby fills it up aggressively. He fucks his buddy throughout and Tobias’s constantly stiff dick tells the story of a happy camper.

The aggressive fucking eventually gets the best of Tobias and he blows his load on his chest, while Colby keeps pounding his tight hole from above. As Tobias is lying on the sofa, Colby then moves to face fuck his buddy and delivers a heaping load of jizz on Tobias’s chest, face and lips. Colby’s buddy slowly strokes and licks his cum covered cock, as he’s coming down from his orgasmic high… Never say never when your best bro offers a helping hand, or “a mouth and an ass” when the GF is MIA.”

– Download the full-length scene at ColbysCrew.com

Colby's Crew

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