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ColbysCrew: Colby Jansen fucks Mickael Storm in “The School Project”

Colby's Crew: Colby Jansen fucks Mickael Storm in "The School Project"

ColbysCrew.com writes:

“Colby’s past career as a pro rugby player always comes back to the surface from time to time. On this day, a young budding journalist, Mickael Storm, has scheduled an interview with Colby for an article he’s writing for his school’s newspaper.

Seated at the table, face-to-face, Mickael starts questioning Colby about various milestones of his rugby career: favorite team, worst injury, favorite position, etc. However, the young writer’s questions eventually veer dramatically off course. Colby is puzzled and asks where the kid is going with this…

Mickael relents and admits having a crush on the rugby player and when Colby asked him if he was there to interview him or suck his cock, the schoolboy responds with “a bit of both”.

It’s time for Colby to veer this interview in another direction

Colby's Crew: Colby Jansen fucks Mickael Storm in "The School Project"
Colby's Crew: Colby Jansen fucks Mickael Storm in "The School Project"
Colby's Crew: Colby Jansen fucks Mickael Storm in "The School Project"

“He flatly orders the kid closer to him and to lay his lips around his cock. Mickael is quite the talented little cock sucker and Colby is more than happy to plow his rock-hard man meat into the junior journalist’s craving mouth.

Mickael just keeps going for broke until Colby tells him to pull out his own cock. This school boy may be young, but he is definitely blessed with a man-size piece of meat. Colby is more than happy to mouth it.

We’ve come to know Colby as the kind of guy that can take a lot from him sexual servants, but can also give loads back! He sucks the kid’s downward bent cock as deep as he can. This impressive thing is a definite 8 incher.

In typical Colby fashion, the kid is ordered to turn around and bend forward over the kitchen table. He gets on all four, providing Colby with a mouthful of butt. Riming a puckered butthole is Colby’s secret weapon in achieving his final masterpiece, his pièce de résistance: The Jansen Slap & Fuck. And Mickael gets plenty of it, succumbing to the former pro athlete’s mastery of the offensive penetration.

Colby then moves the kid away from the table only to shove him against the wall. He pursues his assault on the youthful butthole. Then back to the table where the kid is told to lie on his back as Colby then continues his blistering charge.

Colby can’t hold back anymore as he pulls out, moves to the kid’s head and shoots his load, spewing it in Mickael’s face and on his tongue. The taste of Colby’s jizz sends him over the edge as he unloads his spunk all over his own stomach. He continues to suck Colby dry as they wind down, happy as fuck…. Now, back to the interview!”

– Download the full-length scene at ColbysCrew.com

Colby's Crew

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