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AustinWilde: Austin fucks Anthony Romero in “Sweet Cheeks”

AustinWilde.com writes:

“It’s Austin Wilde and his real-life boyfriend, Anthony Romero, in a sexy, passionate encounter. There’s some toe sucking, plenty of ass licking and some play with a friend of the boys’ you might not have met. His name is Sweet Cheeks and he loves to get fucked.

If you’ve seen Austin and Anthony heat things up before, you know how intense these incredibly hot boys get. While Anthony sucks his boyfriend’s fat, swollen cock, Austin you’ll see the anticipation in Austin’s eyes as he anticipates enjoying Anthony’s sweet, tight hole.

But first, Anthony is sliding ‘Sweet Cheeks,’ an artificial lower torso, complete with realistic fuck hole, onto Austin’s dick. You won’t believe the way Austin manhandles this thing!!

Then it’s the passionate, hard pounding you can’t miss. This is definitely a scene to remember.”

- Download the full-length scene at AustinWilde.com

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