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ActiveDuty: Dustin gets fucked by big-dicked Thomas

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“We are really excited about the scene we’re sharing with you in the Videos Of The Week section this week. Two things about it are really great. First of all, our beloved Thomas returns after a long break.

Secondly, Dustin returns and this time he’s ready to try something new and what a BIG step this is considering what he’s up for trying and who he’s trying it with. Thomas and his big cock take the reins on our little trooper and fucks him six ways to, well, Sunday! And here we are.

Now, before you all think that I’m just some cruel-hearted, cold-blooded monster without a conscience at all, I must admit this is not Dustin’s first time bottoming. That’s in another hot threeway that we have in the pipeline with he, Austin and Carson. And that was one smoking fucking scene that we’ll see very soon, but I could not wait to share today’s scene with you.

Watching this little trooper get manhandled by Thomas and his huge cock was just too hot to hold. We were afraid that if it sat next to his first bottoming scene with Carson and Austin that the two might melt each other. So, today we are seeing just how far this daredevil is willing to go with just one bottoming scene under his belt. I think once you’re done watching this you’ll agree we have another Damien on our hands with Dustin. I’m still dumbfounded.”

- Watch this hot scene at ActiveDuty.com

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