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ActiveDuty: Colton fucks Nick Gunner

Active Duty writes:

“This week we’ve got a real treat for you with the return of Colton and his continuation across the line.

Once I got the text from him saying he’d be willing to try more I knew right away who would be the perfect match for him. Little Nick Gunner! He just happened to be with me on the trip and I could tell he was chomping at the bit to let loose and get some bromance time in.

He had been walking around for days with a perpetual hard-on and when Colton was around I could tell Nick Gunner got extra squirmy. Can you blame him? Colton could make the best of us loose our composure with all that manliness bundled up in one delicious package.

When I told Nick Gunner that Colton was only down to get his cock sucked and fuck someone’s ass. Nick didn’t seem to mind that he’d be playing the bitch role for this hot tough guy. He was all for it.”

- Download the full-length scene at ActiveDuty.com

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