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CorbinFisher: Connor fucks Harper’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Harper had an awesome time topping Reece. So of course, that only makes me more determined to see him bottom for someone else. Connor is adept at breaking in newbies, so I put them together. Harper giggles nervously, but as Connor recounts his first-time nerves, Harper sees he has nothing to worry about.

Connor leans down and kisses Harper. Now, I’m sure there’s no one out there that wouldn’t want to kiss our resident Greek god. Harper’s no exception! But as passionately as he responds to Connor’s lips, Harper is even more blown away once Connor takes off his shirt and see’s Connor’s amazing body up close and personal.

Harper rubs Connor’s muscled back as Connor sucks on Harper’s dick. His cock gets rock-hard in Connor’s mouth. Connor rubs their dicks together and Harper stares at Connor’s big cock with awe! He sucks on Connor’s dick, taking as much of it down his throat as he can.

Connor slaps Harper’s tongue with his dick. Harper plays with his ass as he blows Connor. He says he’s not sure if he’ll be able to take that big dick. Connor reaches down and fingers Harper’s virgin ass. Connor’s going to make sure he can take it!

Harper lies on his back. Connor lubes him up and fingers him again. Harper laughs and lets Connor know how good it feels. Then Connor ups the ante and slides two fingers in Harper’s ass. Harper thinks he’s ready. Once Connor gets his dick inside, however, Harper actually whistles in surprise!

Connor takes it easy on Harper, gently sliding his cock in and out of Harper. Connor kisses Harper again, as Harper massages Connor’s thick pecs. Connor lifts Harper’s legs up, and drives his cock in even deeper.

Harper climbs up on Connor’s dick and rides him. He bounces up and down like a natural. He’s clearly loving how that cock feels deep in his ass. A smile keeps appearing on Harper’s face. He didn’t expect to like this so much!

Connor pounds Harper faster. Harper strokes his dick furiously. He sprays cum all over his legs and abs. Connor’s about to bust a nut as well. He rolls Harper off him and has him suck his dick as he cums. Harper even licks up the cum that landed on Connor’s abs.

The guys head to the shower and talk about how much fun Harper had. Connor compliments him on being one of the best he’s broken in, and Harper admits he watched some of Connor’s videos and was nervous.

Now Harper can’t wait to do more … and he mentions getting dominated by Ashley. I think I can arrange that!”

- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

CircleJerkBoys: Gavin Waters fucks Jimmy Fanz

CircleJerkBoys.com writes:

“Today we welcome a new face to CircleJerkBoys.com as Jimmy Fanz makes his debut. Jimmy is 20 years old and a hottie from the 305-Miami, Baby. With a handsome face, killer smile and a furry chest we’re sure you’ll love this guy. Helping us welcome him aboard is Gavin Waters.

Gavin and Jimmy are talkin sports when Gavin brings up the Tim Tebow kiss everyone’s talking about. Jimmy is curious about how the kiss actually was that it would make people think he might be gay. Gavin comes over to show him the difference as they start to make out. Yup, plenty gay.

Jimmy gropes at Gavin’s growing cock as he undoes his pants and pulls out his uncut cock. He wraps his lips around it and gets to work sucking on that dick as Gavin moans his approval. Jimmy caresses his smooth balls as he slides that dick down his throat over and over. He looks up at his friend to make sure he’s doing it correctly as Gavin starts to fuck that pretty face of his.

Gavin then gets Jimmy on the floor; strips off his pants and takes his turn at bat. He strokes Jimmy’s dick as he swirls his hot tongue around his knob. He swallows it deep as Jimmy lays back and enjoys the special attention. Jimmy’s so horny from the head he’s getting he gets an urge to taste some ass. He bends Gavin over and dives into that hot ass tongue first.

Gavin is rock hard as he sits back and watches Jimmy straddle his dick. He holds it in place as he impales himself on it as Gavin revels in ecstasy. Jimmy is horny for that dick as he starts to ride it hard. Jimmy’s own dick is rock hard and slapping at Gavin’s abs with every thrust he’s given as Gavin starts to slam that dick up into that hole even deeper.

Gavin then gets Jimmy on his back and flips his legs up and pile drives his meat down into his ass. He bobs up and down as his dick stretches Jimmy’s tight hole.

Doggy style is next as Jimmy gets on all four as Gavin taps that ass some more. Jimmy gets so turned on, he nuts while Gavin’s pounding him. H! e gets up on his knees and beats off all over before resuming ! the position for Gavin. Gavin slides his meat back into Jimmy until he’s ready to nut blowing his huge load all over Jimmy’s hairy ass.”

- Download the full scene at CircleJerkBoys.com

CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark, Kennedy Carter and Jake Bass fuck each other

CockyBoys.com writes:

“As most of you already know, Gabriel Clark completely fucked Kennedy Carter’s brains out a few weeks ago, showing his hole absolutely no mercy whatsoever. What most of you don’t know, however, is that Jake Bass was also on set helping out with lights and taking pictures and, of course, fluffing Kennedy. He was so cute the way he was sniffing around Gabriel and Kennedy like a little puppy that we decided the next day to shoot a scene with all three of them.

There wasn’t much of a set up there but then again – who needs a set up when you’ve got three smokin’ hot horny fuckers?? Not us. So we let them do their thing and eagerly waited to see who’s cock will end up in whose hole.

Of course, more than one cockyboy got fucked, and of course – all at the same time. Check out how they did it!”

- Download the full-length scene at CockyBoys.com

DirtyTony: Hairy muscle hunk Brock Landon gets fucked by Fabian

Dirty Tony writes:

“We’ve got such a nice treat today to have these two chiseled muscle studs on set and got to see them show off their tight man bodies for us. Fabian and Brock take their fitness pretty seriously and Brock tells us about how he got into working out and body building. Fabian immediately takes an interest and asks if Brock will show him some of his body builing poses. Brock happily agrees and they both strip down before Fabian gets his lesson. Brock is heating up the set and Fabian can’t help but to take his pants off and start worshipping his muscle God.

He starts rubbing up and down Brock’s hairy man chest and kissing his biceps and washboard abs. Fabian slowly unbuttons Brock’s pants and places his warm mouth over the most important muscle of all. Brock tells him to get his cock nice and hard and Fabian is sure to not disappoint. Fabian massages Brock’s big ball sack while he sucks and swallows on his fuckstick. Fabian strokes his raging hard on through his underwear; you can see it trying to escape its prison as it presses outward from his body. He cannot deny its wishes and stands up to lead Brock over to the bed to get both of them more comfortable.

Fabian takes off his underwear and climbs up onto the bed to let Brock do some servicing now. Brock allows the prized meat to enter his face hole and Fabian is extra dirty with him. He slowly thrusts in and out of Brocks slobbery mouth, making him gag and salivate all over his chest. Brock is enjoying having a chance to do some worshipping of his own, this time on Fabians perfect thick tool.

Brock gets Fabian really going and Fabian wants to explore the depths of his studly partner’s tight pink hole. He leaps out of Brock’s mouth and slaps his hardened shaft against Brock’s crack. Brock tells him to go slow and Fabian reassures him that he has got his back. With slow, but deep thrusts, Fabian opens up Brock’s domain.

Brock is enjoying having his ass pounded and even grabs ahold of Fabian’s cheeks and pulls him into him. Fabian detaches himself from Brock and lies sideways next to Brock, and re-enters him. This angle is perfect for Fabian as he can lick and suck on Brock’s hard pink nipples. Brock moans with pleasure as his prostate is having the best time of it’s life right now.

Fabian then switches things up again for his muscled man and bends him over on his knees. He slips in and rams into Brock with no remorse. Fabian increases his pace and grabs ahold of Brock’s shoulders to pull himself closer and harder into Brock’s tight bubble ass. Fabian reaches his point of no return and pulls out to unleash his load on Brock’s face. He lets out several loud passionate moans as the ropes escape from his testicles.

Brock is about to bust too and ferociously jerks his meat and pumps his load out onto his stomach. Fabian cheers him on and rubs Brock’s chest sweetly as they both catch their breath after another hard day’s work.”

- Download the full-length scene at DirtyTony.com

Men.com: “The Slammer” with Phillip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, Cliff Jensen and Christian Wilde

Men.com.com writes:

“Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, and Cliff Jensen have been very bad boys and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is in charge of making sure these new fish pay their debt to society and isn’t afraid to pull out his 8″ inch cut nightstick to make sure that happens.

Christian escorts the convicts to their cell for the night, stealing a quick feel from Jensen’s perfect ass as he shuts the cell door ordering them to “Shut the fuck up and go to sleep”. Gavin and Philip quickly fall asleep, exhausted from a long day and still wearing their orange prison uniforms, but Cliff has been rock hard since feeling that hand on his ass and can’t rest till he blows at least once.

Cliff starts stroking his beautiful meat, unabashed that both Gavin and Philip sleep only feet away. Christian, on a routine patrol sees Cliff stoking and can’t help but enter the cell. Christian immediately lays down the law throwing Cliff’s rock hard rod down his throat, rubbing Cliff’s chest and balls at the same time.

It’s Christian’s turn now, standing up he pulls his rock hard cock out. The second Cliff puts his mouth on Christian’s giant head the moaning starts, his mouth is so good that Christian is already thinking about how to keep Cliff locked up forever.

Cliff pulls off ready to fuck Christian, but disaster strikes as Christian was ready to fuck Cliff – what are two tops to do? Cliff has a eureka moment and points at his two sleeping cell mates, Christian, the gentlemen, lets Cliff pick first – Philip is suddenly woken up and a second later Cliff’s dick is in his mouth.

A foot away from the other two Christian begins face-fucking Gavin, demanding Gavin better control the amount of spit ending up on his cock. Christian is getting great head from Gavin but he can’t keep himself from staring at Philip sucking on Cliff’s cock, almost making him blow in the process – These perfect bottoms with perfect assess need to be fucked NOW!

Christian demands that these greedy hole bottoms get on a single prison bed and in his own words tells them to “Get on your fucking knees!”.

Cue the best foursome ever.”

- Get the full-length scene at Men.com.com



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LucasEntertainment: “Newcummers”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Entertainment is expanding its studio northward where there are plenty of sexy, hot ‘Newcummers’ to warm up the chilly Canadian landscape.

Uncut, tattooed Lucas exclusives Edji Da Silva and Johnny Venture suck and fuck until they cum in each other’s mouths.

Sexy power-bottom Brandon Jones rides Nick Ford’s hard cock.

Lucas exclusive Adrian Long relentlessly slams and pounds Hayden Colby’s tight ass.

Latin stud Nikko Brave takes a ride on worked out muscle-hunk Max Chevalier’s big, uncut dick.

And back in the states, young and horny pornstars Franco Ferarri and Kyle Quinn suck cock and flip-fuck before lapping up each other’s cum.

Let the ‘Newcummers’ show you they have what it takes to be best sex stars around!”

- Watch all scenes from this movie online at Lucas Entertainment

CollegeDudes: Brandon Rose bangs Patrick Hand

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Brandon Rose is a newbie with a studly body and a sexy swag, and in this scene Brandon gets introduced to man-sex CollegeDudes style!

Brandon and Patrick get down and dirty quickly. Brandon and Patrick begin making out, but Patrick can barely control himself and drifts quickly to Brandons huge cock, intending to give it all of the attention it deserves. After slobbing all over Brandons knob, Patrick gets serviced by Brandon, and enjoys every minute thoroughly.

Soon, though, Brandon is eager to get his cock into some young man-ass. Patrick is bent over doggie style so that his beautiful bubble butt is open and waiting for Brandon to shove his cock in. Brandon fucks Patrick good, so much so that Patrick ends up having Patrick lie on the bed while he rides the shit out of his cock. Patrick seems to love having every inch of Brandons dick all the way inside him, and Brandon is surprised at how great it feels.

These two college studs continue to fuck – Brandon gets Patrick on his back and fucks him into a frenzy, which ends with loads of cum covering Patricks torso. Hot scene!”

- Download the full-length scene at CollegeDudes.com

StagHomme: “Al-Andalus” with Adrian Toledo and Tomyhawk

Check out Stag Homme Studios‘ latest incredible hot scene – “Alandalus”. Starring Adrian Toledo and TomyHawk. Directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho.

- Download the full scene at StagHomme.com

NakedSword: Treasure Island’s “Full Tilt”

Treasure Island Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Hole wrecking tops breed the UK’s hungriest pig bottoms in intense 1 on 1′s 3 ways and all out gangbang cumdumps. Featuring Peto Coast, Lucky Joe, Frank Klein and Ed Gunn. These are the men that make London burn.”

- Watch “Full Tilt” at NakedSword.com

NakedSword Video on Demand


HotHouse: Troy Haydon bangs Chris Tyler in “All Stars”

HotHouse writes:

“Troy Haydon hits the gym to get in a late-night leg workout when he bumps into Chris Tyler. Chris, an all-star wrestler, has just come from a heated match that left him with a throbbing boner in his tight singlet. Chris taunts Troy with his enormous bulge until Troy can’t take it; he gets on his knees to wrestle with Chris’ thick cock.

Chris fucks the young stud’s mouth then orders Troy to suck his giant balls. When Chris gets a look at Troy’s big uncut tool he throws him on a bench and swallows his cock to the base. The horned up wrestler sits on Troy’s face then moves back to take his cock up his big round ass.

He bounces up and down on Troy’s cock then gets on all fours and takes it again – a true team player. Chris shoots his load all over the bench then licks it up while Troy jacks off and cums all over Chris’ back!”

- Watch the full scene at HotHouse.com

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