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Fratmen: Connor is back

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Well, here is a blast from the past. The first time we saw Fratmen Connor over four years ago, he was just a fresh faced kid with a huge cock and the ambition to jerk it off for us. Now, the more mature, manly Connor has returned to us, and he brought his amazing cock with him! Check out his new hot scenes and hear what he’s been up to lately.”

- Download Connor’s hot solo scene at Fratmen.tv
- Check out Connor’s first Fratmen scene from 2007


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CocksureMen: Brady Jensen fucks Zac Blake

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Brady Jensen lays on the bed jacking when Zac Blake comes in a minute later and gives him a helping hand, and then some.

Zac gives Brady a long, sensual blowjob making sure every inch of Brad’s dick receives the attention it deserves. Brady shows his appreciation sucking on Zac’s cock and then fingering his tight asshole, getting it warm and ready to be fucked.

Brady parts Zac’s tan-lined ass and buries himself deep inside. Pleasureful moans fill the air from both studs as the fucking heats up. It gets super-hot watching Zac ride Brady on top while Brady strokes Zac’s dick.

The fucking culminates into a sticky finale as Zac cums over his own stomach while still getting pounded and Brady soon follows with a sticky load landing squarely on Zac’s hard cock.”

- Download this hot scene at CocksureMen.com

Men.com: Alexsander Freitas pounds Logan Scott in “Fix My Case Or Else”

Men.com.com writes:

“Alexsander Freitas is raging mad, he just got news that a key piece of evidence is not being accepted in his case which may put him back in jail. Confused and angry Alexsander races over to his lawyer’s office to confront him about this slip-up. Logan Scott is on the phone when Alexsander barges into his office, Alexsander is clearly upset screaming at Logan to fix his case. Logan will do anything to calm down this hard-core criminal…

- Download the full-length scene at Men.com.com


TitanMen: Marco Wilson fucks Jessie Colter in “Blind Spot”

TitanMen.com writes:

“As he backs up his pickup, shirtless Jessie Colter bumps into tan and tight-abbed Marco Wilson. The angry yet aroused victim pulls Jessie in for a kiss, guiding the jock down. Marco’s big boner pops out of his shorts, Jessie sniffing it and rubbing it on his face before devouring it.

The two switch positions, Jessie’s cock soon soaked in spit. Marco stands up for a kiss, their two dicks caught in a hot battle of swordplay. In the back of the pickup, Jessie gets his ass eaten before they suck some more, their hands all over each other in a passionate display. “Dirty fuck!” yells Marco, whipping his dick on Jessie’s face as the sucker grabs Marco’s abs.

The two kiss as they come, Jessie then getting on all fours as he gets it doggie style. Pinning the moaning bottom to the ground, Marco whispers in his ear and licks his back, their stubbly chins grazing as they kiss. The bottom gets on his back for more, shooting as he gets fingered before Marco sprays on him.”

- Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen.com

Men.com: Adam Killian bangs Jessie Colter in “Caught Cheating”

Men.com.com writes:

“”WHAT THE FUCK!!” an angry Adam Killian yells from within his red 4×4. Adam has been staring at his mobile phone in disbelief, picture after picture of his boyfriend with every dick in his mouth other than his staring right back at him. Adam races over to confront his slut boyfriend, still not exactly sure what he is going to do – he is in a rage and it could easily get physical.

He arrives at the cheaters place wanting answers. Adam flashes his phone holding the pictures to the door security camera while slamming on the front door, ‘OPEN THE DOOR. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID’. Jessie Colter knows he’s in big trouble – Adam has found out what a slut he is, but for now he is safe, the front door is locked – but is the back patio door? Jessie runs to the back of the house and tries to close the door but he is too late.

Adam overpowers Jessie from closing the door and it’s already getting physical, ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, WHO IS THIS GUY!’ demands Adam. Jessie begs for forgiveness, after a couple more shoves from Adam Jessie eventually loses his footing and drops to his knees. Adam caught between a wave of anger, jealousy, and lust decides to remind Jessie about his incredible 8″ cut cock, ‘SUCK MY COCK AND YOU BETTER SUCK IT GOOD’.

‘IS THAT HOW YOU SUCKED HIS COCK?’ Jessie is gagging now, trying to apologize in-between breaths, Adam won’t have any of it and face-fucks him even harder to shut him up.

Now face-fucking Jessie on the ground Adam gets up and promptly shoves his dirty hole in Jessie’s face demanding a thorough cleaning from this two-timing slut. Adam smothers Jessie with his beautiful ass for what seems like an hour, getting up he spits in Jessie’s face, throws him on the bed, and violently tears off his pants.

Jessie is getting FUCKED now, Adam is going hard, throwing his meat in and out so fast that Jessie isn’t apologizing anymore, only gasping for air in between thrusts, Jessie sounds primal.”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Bobby fucks Colin

Colin gets his tight hole slammed by Bobby in this hot scene at BrokeStraightBoys.com!

- Download the full-length scene at Broke Straight Boys

NakedSword: Jocks Studios’ “Jesse’s Getaway”

Jocks Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“It’s time to party hearty with Jesse Santana and his frisky friends who invade the Mirage-Vista Grande Resort in Palm Springs for a no-holds-barred sex-capade. With lots of heavy manaction on hand, no one’s gonna throw in the towel until everyone’s drunk their fill.”

- Watch “Jesse’s Getaway” at NakedSword.com
- More movies from Jocks Studios at FalconStudios.com

NakedSword Video on Demand

NextDoorMale: Vinny Castillo busts a nut

NextDoorMale.com writes:

“Vinny Castillo makes his Next Door debut in front of the camera and totally exposed. This tall, dark and handsome farmboy from the Midwest is showing you how they grow them back in God’s country, flexing his ripped biceps and stretching his hard cock.

Reclining back on a recliner and spreading his legs to give you a better view, he breaks his proverbial cherry with each passing stroke. He starts by working his dick up inside his underwear, outlining its contour with his hands.

Once stripped, he goes at it with two hands, bending over and giving you a sweet rear end view, jerking until he cannot contain himself until he finally cums all over himself in a sticky first time mess.”

- See more of Vinny Castillo at NextDoorMale.com

Next Door World

RandyBlue: Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky suck each other off in “5 Guys, 1 Bed” (Part 1)


Randy Blue writes about this hot orgy scene:

“We put Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky on a bed with one direction, make it HOT.

Part one is full of cocksucking, ass rimming and tons of cum. And part two is ever hotter.”

- Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com
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LucasEntertainment: Rafael Carreras pounds Jay Roberts in “Auditions 43: Euro Guys”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Saucy Cuban Rafael Carreras’ retirement from the hardcore gay porn industry hasn’t lasted long: the Lucas Entertainment team is in Ibiza, and Rafael was free to have a chat with Slovak hunk Jay Roberts, who gets hotter and hotter every time he appears on camera.

Rafael’s sizzling Cuban blood heats up the lust between these two hot guys right away — Rafael lays back as Jay uses his lips and tongue to worship the Cuban’s smooth, tanned skin. The boys pull each other’s pants off and begin grinding in their white brief underwear, their dicks growing and getting hard.

Rafael is an ass man, and he enjoys tearing down Jay’s underwear and slipping his finger into his tight asshole, testing what he’s going to be fucking soon. But first he gives his bottom some service with an excited blow job, sucking and teasing Jay’s cock and foreskin; he’s not afraid to work his hand while sucking, and Jay loves it, throwing his arms back and closing his eyes in ecstasy. Jay can’t resist getting Rafael’s cock in his mouth, so he unleashes the uncut monster and starts to suck on the Cuban’s meat.

They flip back and forth using their wet lips to service each other until Rafael’s worked up enough that all he craves is sliding into Jay’s ass. First he teases it, poking and sliding his shaft along Jay’s crack. When ready, Rafael rolls on a condom and plunges his cock deep inside Jay, who can do nothing but thrust his ass up and take each pelvic slam Rafael has to offer.

Rafael Carreras is at his best when he’s fucking a guy, and Jay is a passionate and willing bottom. When he’s on his back, he’s moans and groans as Rafael grabs a hold of him and drills hard and deep — the sweat is rolling off their gorgeous bodies! At the climax of their steamy encounter, Rafael and Jay squirt their cum all over the bottom’s body!”

- Watch the full-length scene at Lucas Entertainment

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