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SeanCody: Derek fucks Immanuel

Sean Cody writes:

“Getting Derek to “push the envelope” was something that I couldn’t get out of my head. I really wanted to see his big, muscular body railing into someone!

Bringing it up is always unpredictable. You never know how someone is going to react.

“So,” I said… “You were pretty intense during your first film. How would you feel about bringing that intensity back… to fuck someone?”

He paused for a second, and then nodded. Good sign.

Then I let him know it would be a guy. He was surprisingly amenable. The only thing he wanted to know was “who?”

He told me that he would prefer being with someone who was also muscular.

My first thought was Immanuel, who had actually been asking about being on the receiving end. Immanuel’s curiosity couldn’t have piqued at a better time!

Once they hooked up, the first thing they did was size each other up. Both of them approved.

Derek’s intensity was what I was hoping for. He did very well giving his first blow job and I was equally impressed at how well Immanuel was able to take his first pounding!”

- Download the full scene at SeanCody.com


CollegeDudes: Devin Adams fucks Chad Carlisle

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Devin Adams and Chad Carlisle got along well when they met – and we could tell there would be some excitement in the air. Chad comes across as a little timid, but Devin really knows how to show a newbie the ropes!

Devin takes control from the beginning and starts out kissing Chad and getting him extremely worked up. Before long, the clothes are on the floor and Chad has his lips wrapped around Devin’s massive dick. Chad lovingly sucks, slurps, and licks Devin’s cock and balls, ensuring that Devin is ready for game-time!

After an intense BJ, Devin decides that it is time to work on Chads hole. Chad is extremely tight, so Devin takes care to lube up his fingers and get Chads hole nice and loose. After a minute, Devin manages to work two fingers in, and from there Devin wraps up his dick and the show gets going strong.

Devin fucks Chad doggie style, and although at first Chad is a little resistant due to his tight butthole, Devin goes with soft strokes until Chad is completely loosened up. Chad then takes a pounding, and Devin enjoys every second. Flipping Chad on his back, Devin keeps going with a fervor, holding Chads ankles and loving the sensation of Chad’s hole wrapping tightly against his cock.

Wanting to get more intimate, Devin hops on the bed and becomes the fork to Chads spoon, getting him from behind with deep and powerful thrusts. Chad and Devin kiss as they fuck, and before long Chad is shooting his load before Devin pulls out and dumps a nice one on him. Hot Fuck!”

- Download the entire scene at CollegeDudes.com

FalconStudios: Johnny Torque fucks Andrew Jakk in “The Guys Next Door, Part 1”

FalconStudios writes:

“Johnny Torque is sitting on the steps stroking himself, pulling his cock out of the leg hole of his board shorts. Johnny is pawing his long thick meat to full staff. It’s not long before Andrew Jakk chances by and wants a taste. Andrew, a slim hot blond is quickly on his knees licking and sucking on Johnny, who gets out of his clothes and removes Andrew’s tank. Johnny pulls Andrew’s head down on his rock-hard cock, spreading his legs to give a view of his hole.

After Johnny comes up to kiss Andrew, he goes down on his knees and pulls down Andrew’s shorts so he can return the cock sucking favor, loading Andrew’s cock up with spit, and sliding down the pole.

They kiss again, and then Andrew puts himself in position to take Johnny’s cock in his tight hole. Standing behind Andrew, Johnny grabs onto his shoulders and starts to pound away at the hot blond who lets out moans and grunts of approval with each stroke. Johnny doesn’t stop, he’s got insane stamina and pounds away like a jackhammer filling Andrew’s hole with a unrelenting serving of cock.

Johnny wants more of this ass and places Andrew on his back, legs in the air, getting leverage and commencing with the rhythmic delivery again. Johnny jerks Andrews cock in time with his continuous probing, then pulls his cock out and reinserts it repeatedly to see Andrew’s stretched hole.

After Andrew shoots his load, Johnny gets so excited that he blasts a load well over Andrew’s head, in what could be the furthest shot of cum to blast out of a man on film ever.

- Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

Men.com: Christian Wilde fucks Jessie Colter in “He Can Do It Better”

Men.com writes about this hot scene:

“Christian has needs beyond just food and water, needs that his girlfriend just doesn’t understand. Every day he wakes up thinking about fucking her ass and sticking his dick all the way down her throat, but when he brought his needs up she said they were gross and hurt. This morning Christian is especially horny already rubbing his cock against his girlfriend to wake her up, most people would consider this a perfect morning but this bitch doesn’t appreciate it and leaves the bed room in anger.

Christian is dumbfounded; it looks like another morning with only his hand to satisfy his dick. While Christian is stroking his dick, Jessie his roommate does a quick knock and walks in to ask him if he wants to go to the gym briefly getting a quick glance at Christian’s monster before it is covered up.

Jessie apologises for the intrusion, Christian didn’t really mind, he’s more concerned about his needs and is clearly a little upset that his “girlfriend” left him high and dry again. Jessie has a proposal, if Christian’s girlfriend won’t let him fuck her ass and throat Jessie will certainly take her place – anytime, anywhere.”

- Get the entire scene at Men.com

BrokeStraightBoys: AJ’s first gay fuck

AJ is back for another round in the Broke Straight Boys studio and he is joined by someone we haven’t seen in a while; Seth.

Since the last time we saw Seth, he has been looking for a place to rent as his brother has recently lost his job and as for AJ, he is still looking for a job.

Today, however, Seth has the enviable job of introducing AJ to anal sex.

As AJ has never fucked another guy before, he is understandably nervous.

- Download the full-length scene at BrokeStraightBoys.com

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Men.com: Adam Killian pounds David Chase in “Trick Or Treat”

Men.com.com writes:

“It’s Halloween, Adam Killian sits a little uneasy at his kitchen table. Adam doesn’t mind Halloween, but he doesn’t love being startled. Adam has decided that this year he’s just going to take it easy and stay in rather than go out with his friends. One of Adam’s friends David Chase cooks up a plan to have a little fun by scaring Adam while he’s home alone.

David sneaks up to Adam’s kitchen window wearing a slasher film mask holding a machete, tapping on the window ever so lightly. Adam turns around and screams, terror quickly turns into rage as he runs out to catch the prankster.

Pulling David inside by his mask, Adam isn’t impressed at all especially after David begins to laugh it off. Adam knows that the only way to stop David from laughing is a fat cock and that’s exactly what David is going to get.”

- Get the full scene at Men.com.com


LucasEntertainment: Gavin Waters bangs Marc Dylan in “Auditions 42: Horny Fuckers”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s impossible to match the physiques of these two guys: Blond hunk Gavin Waters is tall and built like an Olympic power-top, which is just fine with Marc Dylan, the Southern sex-pot with a killer body ripped with muscles. He truly has the chest and stomach of a superhero!

Because this is an “Auditions” movie, there’s some discussion with Michael Lucas at the beginning, but what’s really wanted is to watch these two hardcore guys collide into each other.

Marc kicks back on the bed while Gavin runs his excited mouth all over the muscle-bottom. It’s incredibly hot when Gavin’s lips run over Marc’s bulging package. His cock of steel pops out and slides right down Gavin’s throat; Marc’s low-hanging balls look good enough to eat at these angles!

Because Marc loves to bottom, he soon switches places with Gavin and sucks on his top’s cock; they both pay special attention to their ripped bodies as they work on their cocks.

But it’s that sweet, Southern voice everyone wants to hear moaning in pleasure, so Gavin put on a condom, lays Marc down on his tight, defined stomach, and pushes his dick inside; Marc’s incredibly tight, so Gavin is slow at the beginning. But he doesn’t show Marc much mercy for long, and once he finds his rhythm, Gavin pumps him — only for Marc to ask for it harder!

Marc eventually sits on Gavin’s lap, and his fuzzy ass bounces up and down on Gavin’s dick. They have an intense fuck session that leads to an explosive cumshot!”

- Watch this hot scene at LucasEntertainment.com

CorbinFisher: Jackson bones Sean

Corbin Fisher writes:

“If you want fun, sexy guys, you just hit the jackpot! From the moment Jackson and Sean got together, these two studs had a blast. They joke around with Pete, and Jackson says he isn’t too nervous for his first time in an all-guy experience.

Judging by the way Jackson voraciously kisses Sean … “nervous” isn’t even a possibility! Jackson kisses Sean’s torso. Sean has him kiss both nipples.

Sean rolls Jackson over, kissing him all over and ending up rubbing and kissing his dick through his underwear. Sean pulls Jackson’s cock our from his underwear and strokes it. Sean sucks on that dick and plays with Jackson’s nuts.

You can always tell when a guy really enjoys something. At one point, Jackson smiles as Sean blows him … it’s such a hot, almost-amazed smile, you know he’s totally into the moment and loving the attention Sean gives his cock.

Sean and Jackson switch places. Now it’s Sean’s turn to be amazed! He can’t believe Jackson hasn’t sucked a guy before, he’s so good! But with Sean’s luscious cock, who wouldn’t be a natural at sucking it?

And it must be good – Sean tells him to put a “fucking condom on and fuck me”! Jackson laughs. These two are enjoying the hell out of each other. Jackson slides his cock into Sean’s ass.

Jackson thrusts in and out, making Sean moan. In fact, he can’t stop moaning. Jackson plunges into him harder and Sean says, “Your dick feels so fucking good!” Both guys are working up a hell of a sweat – but they don’t stop.

Sean wants to ride Jackson’s dick. Jackson lies down and Sean climbs on top of him. Jackson drills up into Sean’s ass. Sean strokes his cock as he rides Jackson.

Jackson fucks Sean doggy-style. Sean clutches the edge of the bed as Jackson pounds him. He moans louder.

He jerks his dick while Jackson fucks him.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna come!” Sean says. He shoots his load onto the bed. Jackson keeps fucking him from behind. He asks Jackson if he’s going to come on him. “Oh, yeah – I’m gonna come all over you!” Jackson replies.

Jackson pulls out and blasts a big load all over Sean’s lower back. He rubs it in with his dick. Sean leans up to kiss him, clearly spent from their hot fuck. Sean asks how it was for Jackson and Jackson tells him it was great.

I have to agree!”

- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

RandyBlue: Hot Halloween orgy with Eric Pryor, Paul Wagner, Caleb Strong and Derek Atlas in “Boys Night Out”

When Eric Pryor gets involved in a Halloween orgy with Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner, he can’t quite shake the feeling that amidst all the cock sucking and ass fucking something is terribly wrong.

- Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com

Men.com: Tyler Saint fucks Kirk Cummings in “The Wrestling Challenge”

Men.com writes:

“Kirk Cummings is a terrible wrestler, in fact he doesn’t even like wrestling, so why would Krik join the school wrestling team? Kirk signed up to the wrestling team right after he found out that training involved Tyler Saint manhandling him while wearing sweaty skin tight spandex.

You see Krik has a weak spot for muscles and big cocks, two things that Tyler has clearly an abundance of according to the outline of wrestling suit.”

- Get the full scene at Men.com

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