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COLTStudioGroup: Nate Karlton fucks Brenden Cage in “Man Tricks”

COLT Studio Group writes:

“Hot and heavy breathing fills the air as COLT Men Nate Karlton and Brenden Cage go at each other with a hungry need for sex. With hot kissing, heavy groping and eager opened mouths’ things are off to a very good start. Getting downright dirty, taking turns, 69ing and feeding it to each other – each man gives and takes his fill of cock.

Man against man, grinding and humping, the carnal heat continues to build. Nate assumes the position as he drives his cock deep into Brenden’s tight ass. Brenden submits and takes that cock to the hilt. Leaning in for a hot lip-lock Nate drives it home, burying his cock deep in Brenden’s ass, splitting that hole open wide. Turning him around Nate mounts Brenden from behind, going in deep and fucking with no limits. Nate’s big cock hits the right spot as Brenden feels a big load brewing inside of him.

Ready to bust his nut, Nate kicks back on the couch as Brenden lends a helping hand. Zeroing in Brenden probes Nate’s hot man-hole as Nate milks out a heavy duty load. Brenden gets what he’s been after as Nate’s thick load spills in buckets. Seeing all the hot man juice splattered on muscle is just want Brenden was waiting for. Kicking back Brenden ads his ample load to the mix, pounding it out until every last drop of cum is spent.”

- Watch the entire scene at Colt Studio Group

Colt Studio Group

MenHardAtWork: Diesel Washington bangs Tucker Vaughn

MenHardAtWork.com writes:

“Tucker is finishing up his latest car project but is running into some problems. He calls Diesel over to take a look and explains things are getting hard. “Well I’ll show you something hard,” say Diesel.”

- Download this scene at MenHardAtWork.com

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NakedSword: Pitbull Productions’ “Take ‘Em Down 4″

Pitbull Productions writes at NakedSword:

“Tiger Tyson’s fans have waited patiently to see who the Latin lover would take down in the fourth of his best-selling Take ‘Em Down series. When super top, Phat Daddy (the star of Who’s Yo Daddy?) gives up his virgin ass to Tiger, the expression on his face is priceless as he groans, “That shit hurts!” Tiger takes it easy on the newbie bottom at first, then Tiger starts to fuck him hard and deep, provoking Phat Daddy to cry out,”That’s a big dick!”

- Watch “Take ‘Em Down 4″ at NakedSword.com

NakedSword Video on Demand

NextDoorTwink: Jay Cloud fucks Jordan Foster

NextDoorTwink.com writes.

“Jay Cloud is just trying to take a leak, simultaneously daydreaming of something sex-like and special. Along comes Jordan Foster, who needs to check himself out in the mirror. In no time at all, Jordan is checking out something else entirely, namely, Jay’s big meatstick. Watch as the two of them fuck, suck & “drain the main vein” together

- Download the full scene at Next Door Twink

Next Door World

MyBrothersHotFriend: Sean Stavos fucks Sean Mason

MyBrothersHotFriend.com writes:

“Sean Mason is waiting to go to the game with Sean Stavos and his brother. Sean Stavos gets a call from his brother who is stuck on the side of the road with some car trouble. Disappointed about having to watch the game a home Sean S. offers to help take the game off of Sean’s mind.”

- Download the full scene at MyBrothersHotFriend.com

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Fratmen: Gene (Alumni Weekend 6)

Fratmen.tv writes:

“We’ve seen this muscular hunk before and now he’s ready to warm up to a cozy fire where he strokes his cock on winter vacation. After a few minutes of working himself up he blows an impressive cum load all over himself.”

- See more of Gene at Fratmen.tv

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NakedSword: StudMall’s “Love, Lust & Paradise”

StudMall writes at NakedSword:

“The men of Studmall can only be found in one place, Paradise! Experience their passionate lust and love of another man’s body.”

- Watch “Love, Lust & Paradise” online at NakedSword.com

NakedSword Video on Demand

CocksureMen: Kevin Crows fucks Guy Jones

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Kevin Crows and Guy Jones give their all in this sizzling sex session that even includes some black leather for a backdrop. Kevin is pretty much in the driver’ seat, which works out well for Guy who likes being told what to do.

He’s hungry for each and every one of Kevin’s eight inches of dick and who can blame him? Guy’s no slouch in the cock department and Kevin makes sure he gets a chance at sucking on it long and hard, supposedly to show his buddy the “right way” to do it! But Guy needs no advice on how to be a good bottom.

He bends over and that muscle butt opens up immediately for Kevin’s cock. Every muscle in their already tight bodies flex up as the pounding gets underway. Guy then rides that dick like he’s in a rodeo before finally laying back in the missionary position. Mission accumplished!”

- Download the full scene at CocksureMen

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MarcusMojo: Marcus fucks Vance Crawford

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo is spending the day posing for a few photos with his good friend, Vance Crawford. These two sexy dudes have a great rapport and love spending time together, especially around the pool table. And when the cameras come out, you can believe someone’s gonna get cummed ON!

After they spend a few minutes sucking and fucking for the still photos, Marcus and Vance loosen things up as the passion ignites! Marcus has been waiting patiently to slide his cock into Vance’s hole all afternoon. And the anticipation has made Vance yearn to be fucked hard. Watch these smoking hot guys steam up the set while they indulge in each other’s luscious bodies.”

- Download this hot scene at MarcusMojo.com

Next Door World

RandyBlue: Travis James fucks Chris Bines’ virgin hole

Chris Bines gives up his virgin hole to Travis James who opened the door, and Chris’ hole, for lots more action to cum. Check out the standing sixty nine in this super hot hardcore video at RandyBlue.com!

- Download the full scene at Randy Blue


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