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HotJocksNiceCocks: Park Wiley fucks Adam Russo

HotJocksNiceCocks writes:

“Adam and Park are working on their yoga stretches and Park notices Adam needs a little help. Park instructs Adam how to properly bend in that particular position. Being so close together Park can’t help keeping his hands off Adam.”

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Hot Jocks Nice Cocks
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MarcusMojo: “Dildo Fun” with Marcus

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo is just waking up from a cat nap. He was having a most extraordinary dream involving a very mysterious and sexy stranger. Upon waking, he finds his cock is hard as granite, beckoning him to play.

Marcus remembers the dildo he stashed near the couch. After rubbing his dick against it, imagining it to belong to the dark haired, athletically built stranger from his dream, Marcus gently eases the rubber toy into his tight but eager asshole. While he jerks his swollen man meat and enjoys the feel of the dildo inside him, he thinks of the strong, dreamy character and wonders about the nature of dreams.”

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Next Door World

FalconStudios: Cliff Jensen fucks Dylan Roberts in “Shane’s Pool Party”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Even though his boyfriend is fast asleep, Cliff Jensen can’t settle down. He grabs hold of his cock and starts to masturbate. Dylan Roberts is rousted awake with all the commotion and once he gets a glimpse of Cliff’s stiff dick, he’s on it in a flash. Dylan sucks on Cliff’s cock letting his lips slide up and down the shaft while savoring the salty sweetness of his flesh. Soon they switch roles and Cliff opens wide to let Dylan’s uncut cock inch in and out of his mouth.

Dylan climbs aboard his partner, skewers himself onto Cliff’s dick and rides him hard. He then lays back and the two continue fucking, building up a sweat and going harder and faster until they both cum.”

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All-AmericanHeroes: PFC Roman fucks Petty Officer Clayton

All-AmericanHeroes writes:

“PFC Roman and Petty Officer Clayton start off with some small talk about sex. They seem careful not to mention anything specific about either chicks or dicks and instead just talk about getting laid or picking up “people” in general. Neither of them plays the straight card completely, but neither really admits to picking up men.

Once the porn comes on, the tables turn a little when Roman comments about the big titties on one of the chicks in the movie. Clayton responds that the guy has a nice dick too and Roman agrees without hesitation. The Petty Officer takes note and starts to drop hints about how hard he’s getting and then asks the PFC if he’s getting horny. Roman tells Clayton that he’s hard as a rock, which seems to make Clayton ready to rip Roman’s clothes off right then and there. Surprisingly, it’s Romanwho makes the first move and reaches over to feel Clayton’s big thick dick through his shorts. The favor is quickly returned and before you can say “any-cock’ll-do” Clayton’s pants are down and his dick is inside Roman’s open mouth.

The PFC gives the Petty Officer a nice long session of head, working the tip and shaft before his own hard throbbing cock comes out. Once Clayton gets a glimpse of how big it is, all bets are off and it’s the last time that Roman gets a chance to suck some cock. Somewhere in between taking turns at cocksucking, they make out and swordplay with their tongues, working each other up and making each of them want more.”

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All-American Heroes

HardFriction: Brandon Lewis fucks Dylan Roberts

HardFriction.com writes:

“Our golden boy Brandon watches adorable Dylan lay naked from across a shimmering pool. It’s just too inviting! He decides to ‘dive into the deep end’ and swims over to him. He offers his big cock, which Dylan devours with excitement. Young Dylan has been waiting for this moment!

Brandon eats Dylan bubble butt; greedy Dylan begs for more while he plays with his uncut cock. As the sun rises to a high point the two find a shelter. But it’s their powerful chemistry that really cooks! Sweat pours off their bodies Dylan rides on his top bouncing with glee. Brandon takes over and gets Dylan on his back pounding away poolside!

He drives home with his eight and half thick inches until both young men blow loads. The video ends in a passionate kiss.”

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ImAMarriedMan: Nick Spartan fucks Steven Daigle

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“After a day full of meetings while away on a business trip Steven is feeling a little frisky. Not knowing anyone in town he uses his smartphone to search for a local hookup. Nick’s photo catches Steven’s attention and in no time at all Nick is knocking on the hotel room door.”

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StagHomme: “30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel: Episode Two”

StagHomme.com writes:

“The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!! “Episode Two” adds fucking to the mix making this sequel unstoppable from the start!!! Watch all the uninhibited action unfold here at Stag Homme, home to the nastiest reality porn!”

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RandyBlue: Porter Wescott fucks Tristan Scott

Real life boyfriends Porter Wescott and Tristan Scott invite you into a private fuckfest – at RandyBlue.com!

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Fratmen: Pauly

Meet Fratmen.tv‘s latest college jock – Pauly!


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CocksureMen: “The Engagement Part 1 – The Party”

CocksureMen.com writes:

“It’s a Cocksucking Spectacular as all six Cocksure Men exclusive guys get together to celebrate the engagement of Kevin Crows and Brady Jensen. What stars as some congratulations turns into a series of “last chance” blowjobs and before long, the shirttails and ties come off as our sextet show just how much fun a bunch of buddies can have when the pants hit the floor.

Kevin pulls Mitch Vaughn and Robert Axel into the bedroom for some hardcore fucking fun while Brady (not even taking the cock out of his mouth to say “bye”) keeps Morgan Black and Guy Jones with him so he can top them both. Culminating in a cumshot spectacular, part one ends with a BIG bang. We can’t wait to see what happens in part two…”

- Download the full-length scene at CocksureMen

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