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CircleJerkBoys: AJ Banks fucks Micah Andrews

CircleJerkBoys.com writes:

“Today, we welcome AJ Banks to CircleJerkBoys.com. Helping AJ feel at home is Micah Andrews back in the area enjoying the “harsh” winters here in the tropics.

Wearing his Santa hat and a frown, AJ sulks as he tries to find something better to do. The party he’s at blows; but Micah has no trouble offering a remedy for his boredom. He licks AJ’s neck rendering him defenseless. AJ holds still as Micah strips him down to his briefs which by now are sporting a major boner. “You want me to suck your cock?” teases Micah before taking his throbbing meat.

AJ then gets down to business and gives back. He sucks on Micah’s meat for a bit getting him rock hard. “Now get that dick out of your mouth and fuck me!” orders Micah. Well, you heard the man – FUCK HIM! AJ slaps that ass a bit as he spreads those smooth cheeks. He slams deep inside and Micah loves that thick cock in him. He begs him for more as AJ gives it to him harder.

AJ then switches it up and sits back while Micah sits on his dick. “Oh your cock feels so big” groans Micah as he grinds that hot ass as far down as he can. AJ’s eyes are rolling as Micah does his thing. AJ then gets up and gets Micah where he wants him – on his back. He holds Micah’s legs up as he slams harder and harder into him. That does the trick. Micah explodes all over himself as AJ literally fucks the cum out of him. AJ isn’t far behind as he pulls out and sprays his thick load all over Micah’s cum and sweat-drenched frame… Now THAT’S a party, Fuckers! Happy New Years from all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com.”

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RandyBlue: Nick Sterling bangs Brett Swanson

With his recently transformed muscle jock body, Brett Swanson teases Nick Sterling into one hot, horny, hardcore workout at RandyBlue.com!

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HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star fucks Lucas Vitello

HotJocksNiceCocks writes:

“Brad is Lucas’ trainer and is showing him how to work his core more. Starting with some sit-ups Brad has his eye all over Lucas. Not being able to resist Brad goes in for the score!”

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CocksureMen: Kevin Crows pounds Cavin Knight in “No Regrets”

CocksureMen.com writes about this hot scene:

“One of our biggest stars (and we do mean big!) is Kevin Crows and he’s back for an encore performance. His fuck buddy this time around is Cavin Knight, another ripped-up stud who knows just how to handle Kevin’s considerable assets.

These two studs take their time exploring each others’ tatted-up bodies before Cavin’s down on his knees, expertly servicing Kevin’s throbbing dick (and getting a close-up of the tattoo that inspired the title of this video). Kevin’s no slacker in the oral department either and loves having his butt licked while he goes down on Cavin’s cock.

Unable to resist Cavin’s hot ass, Kevin jackets up and slides those 10 inches of thick cock deep inside, resulting in one of the hottest fuck sessions we’ve ever shot.

Cavin’s cum load is one for the record books, his pool of jizz soon joined by Kevin’s ample contribution.”

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RandyBlue: Muscle hunk Bryce Tucker rubs one out

With a body like a tanned version of a chiseled marble statue, Bryce Tucker works over his big thick meaty dick at RandyBlue.com!

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NextDoorBuddies: Dylan Hauser, Patrick Rouge, Donny Wright, James Jamesson’s fourway orgy

NextDoorBuddies.com writes:

“Here’s a treat for all you Buddies fans. It’s a four-man, anything-goes, all-out fuck fest.

When Donny Wright and Dylan Hauser sneak off from the party to get sexy, they think they find a private bedroom of their own. But soon after they start feeling each other up, James Jamesson and Patrick Rouge walk in while looking for a hideaway for themselves.

Instead of telling Patrick and James to kick rocks, Dylan sees this as an excellent opportunity to turn up the heat! Soon, all four of these hotties are rock hard and enjoying some sweet action.

While Patrick is sucking James’s cock, James mingles with Donny who has Dylan’s mouth slurping his fattie. Soon Dylan and Patrick are taking hard dicks in their asses and sharing in the gang-fuck fun. I give this scene four out of four erections – a perfect score!”

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Next Door World

SeanCody: Etahn fucks Lance

Sean Cody writes:

“I don’t think that most people break in a new couch with two guys fucking on it. I also don’t think that most people have their ass broken in with a near 10-inch dick! Well, Lance noticed a trend here. For some reason I didn’t realize that he has been on the receiving end of some of our more endowed guys — Jess and Jonathan. I guess he’s just lucky?

“When I work with you guys, you guys put ‘ginormous’ things in my ass… so maybe that’s my skill?” he joked after hearing the rumor that Ethan was like a “tripod”.

“We put ginormous things in your ass? Or you… you feel we encourage it?”

“Yeah.. .well HE puts ginormous things…” he laughed as he pointed to Ethan.

Ethan sat there with a huge grin on his face, looking at Lance like had no idea what he was in for. To break the anticipation up a bit, they played a game of bean-bag toss. Frankly, the stakes didn’t matter. Ethan knew that he was going to be fucking Lance. I think Lance really got into the challenge of sucking such a big dick, prepping it before getting fucked by it.

Seeing Ethan’s dick open Lance up was a sight to see. There had to have been spots inside of Lance that hadn’t ever been touched by a dick so big! The moans, grunts and the punching of the furniture said it all. At one point his legs even started shaking. But he took it. And took it all until he shot his load over his head as Ethan fucked him. I guess he was right about his particular skill set after all!”

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SamuelOToole: Samuel fucks Brandon Lewis

SamuelOToole.com writes:

“It was Brandon Lewis’s idea to play pool that day. He knew his ol’ pal Samuel O’Toole was housesitting for the family at the end of the block. Samuel was open to the idea. He loved pool. But there was something about what Brandon said that threw him off. ‘…my cue stick sure could use some action.’ Samuel didn’t understand this comment because he knew Brandon didn’t own a stick. He always borrowed Samuels. Little did Samuel know, Brandon had an ulterior motive.

Lately Brandon had been noticing Samuel’s ass. He had taken to wearing tighter pants and had been hitting the gym more often. When Brandon finally showed up at the house, his dick was already hard. Samuel recognized the look of lust in his eye. The two boys stripped down and Brandon promptly wrapped his mouth around Samuel’s behemoth, throbbing cock. After that, as Samuel was enjoying Brandon’s tight asshole, he understood what Brandon had meant earlier about his ‘cue stick.’”

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Next Door World

CorbinFisher: Dru fucks Wesley’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“One thing you learn around here is not to beat Dru at video games! He’ll get his revenge. Today, he and Wesley were in the garage racing. After Wesley won, Dru pulled him up and took him to the bedroom.

Pulling off Wesley’s shirt to kiss his lean muscled body, Dru got his own shirt off and got Wesley on the bed. He sucks Wesley’s cock, making him hard almost instantly. Wesley is smiling the whole time.

Dru pulls out his long dick and Wesley swallows as much of it as he can. Dru feeds him every inch and Wesley manages to get down more than I would have thought he could for such a newbie! Dru strokes Wesley’s cock as Wesley blows him.

Wesley can’t wait to have that thick dick inside of him, and moves into a doggy-style position. Dru asks, “Mind if I finger it a little bit?” Wesley doesn’t, and Dru slides a long finger deep inside. He tells Wesley to stroke his dick while he gets fingered.

Dru teases Wesley’s crack with his long cock. Wesley is excited about having Dru inside him. Dru doesn’t waste any more time and slides the tip of his cock inside Wesley.

Wesley moans in pleasure. His moans get even louder as Dru shoves the entire length of his cock into Wesley’s tight hole. Once he sees how Wesley can handle it, Dru starts slamming his cock into him.

Dru pounds Wesley’s ass and pulls Wesley back by the shoulders so he takes every inch of his dick. Wesley moans in ecstasy. “You like having a cock in your ass?” Dru asks. “Oh, yeah” Wesley says. Dru watches him fucking Wesley in the mirror and tells Wesley to smile while he’s being fucked.

He gets Wesley on his side and shoves his cock in him from that angle. Dru drills him faster and faster. He kisses Wesley’s nipple and it’s clear Dru is close to coming, but riding the edge of it.

Pulling Wesley into a half-missionary, Dru holds one of Wesley’s legs straight up and pounds him harder. Easing Wesley down flat onto the bed, Dru pistons his cock in and out of his ass. That makes Wesley shoot uncontrollably all over his tight abs!

Dru continues pushing in and out, his abs flexing as he leans back, still fucking Wesley’s tight hole. He shoots, cum hitting Wesley’s cheek and landing all over his stomach and chest!

They kiss and Dru says they should get some food. On second thought, maybe beating Dru at video games is a good thing!”

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ImAMarriedMan: Sebastian Keys and Gavin Waters’ hot flip-flop fuck

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Gavin went to Sebastian to have a sculpture made for his wife. Sebastian is excited to show Gavin and compare his work to the real thing. He has Gavin show his chest once more and while comparing, Sebastian gets a little too touchy and convinces Gavin to loosen up.”

- Download the entire scene at I’m A Married Man

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