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NakedKombat: Paul Wagner vs Hayden Russo

Beefy Paul Wagner takes on lean and fast Hayden Russo and the winner gives the loser a hot ass pounding.

- Get the full-length scene at NakedKombat.com
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Naked Kombat

CollegeDudes: Cole Gartner and Hayden Wolfe suck each other off

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“When Cole Gartner told us he was ready to take the next step, we were excited because we think he definitely has what it takes. Even though he had never had a dick in his mouth before we unleashed Hayden Wolfe on him. Hayden has a massive piece of meat, and he has satisfied many college dudes over the years with it. We were not, however, about to let Hayden off without trying something new himself. After Cole and Hayden lick, suck, slurp, and swallow each others rock hard cocks, each of these horny dudes takes a load on the face and lips, one right after the other!

Hayden busts all over Coles mouth and chin, then Cole licks Haydens giant cock completely clean and Cole stands back up to kiss. Hayden licks some extra cum off of Coles chin and then goes down to take a load. Hayden takes it all over his face, licks some extra cum off Coles dick and the two kiss again – a hot ending to a cock and cum worship extravaganza!”

- Download the full scene at CollegeDudes

Fratmen: Sonny busts a nut

College jock Sonny rubs one out at Fratmen.tv!


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RodDaily: Rod and Paul Wagner’s flip-flop fuck

RodDaily.com writes:

“Rod Daily is back for some more raunchy, ass pounding action, and for this scene, he’s brought along the beefy Paul Wagner.

Both of these hot studs wanted to show you how they get down during the photo shoot and you can tell the action never stops between Rod and Paul. These two are buddies in real life, and it shows when they’re in front of the camera. They’re always joking around and horse playing like a bunch of kids. It’s quite fun to watch. What’s also a blast to watch is these two get naked and suck & fuck each other until they’ve both spent their hot loads.”

- Download the full scene at RodDaily.com

Maskurbate: William fucks Dereck

Members of Maskurbate.com have asked for months to get those two together: Dereck and William! A perfect combination of beauty, muscles, tattoos, big cocks and undeniable sexual tension…

- Download the full scene at Maskurbate.com


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ImAMarriedMan: Brock Armstrong bangs Drake Jayden

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Brock is planning to make a seductive calendar for his wife as a gift for their anniversary. Drake, the photographer, proposes that Brocks gets hard to make the pictures sexier. Brock doesn’t mind as long as his wife doesn’t find out about the behind the scene special.”

- Download the entire scene at I’m A Married Man

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StagHomme: Francesco D’Macho in “Straight Man Fucks Me – Episode Three”

Stag Homme returns this week with their vouyeristic series “Straight Man Fucks Me”. It’s all about hidden cams and anonymous straight guys fucking Francesco D’Macho.

In this third episode of the installment you get a better look at all the action as there’s 2 hidden cams, one of them held by Damien who can’t help but wank to all the raunchy action as Francesco gets plowed by some blindfolded sexy-as-fuck straight man.

- Download the full-length scene at StagHomme.com


TrystanBull: Trystan fucks Marcus Mojo

TrystanBull.com writes:

“Trystan hired his friend Marcus Mojo to clean his pool this last weekend, but there was a bit of a mishap. Trystan forgot to withdraw cash from his bank to pay Mr. Mojo, so he had to get a bit creative in the way he compensated his friend for the work that he did.

How’s a stick cock in the ass work? We’re sure you’d enjoy it, and by the looks of it Marcus sure does too!

So if you didn’t figure it out, Marcus sucks, and then gets fucked by the Bull in this weeks’ amazingly hot update.”

- Download the full scene at TrystanBull

Next Door World

CocksureMen: Bo Dean tops Devin Draz

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Bo Dean, one of our most popular models, returns for a suck-and-fuck encore with Devin Draz, another equally hot stud who gives as good as he gets. Man-to-man sex like this rarely gets any hotter.

Bo gets the action started by getting down on his knees to service Devin’s long piece of meat. By the way he swallows all that cock, it’s obvious Bo’s been paying attention all those times his big dick got slurped. Devin returns the favor – and then some – by exploring every part of Bo’s awesome body with his tongue and fingers.

He literally has Bo squirming with his oral technique (no sign of a gag reflex here!). Our big-dicked duo kicks the hotness up another notch as Devin gets on his stomach and puts that muscle butt in perfect position for Bo to slide all 9 inches into his hole. This is when the Bo we know so well hits his stride for a couple rides that lead to both guys spilling their loads.”

- Download the full scene at CocksureMen

Chaosmen: Ransom and Taylor bareback each other

Chaosmen.com writes:

“There is no getting around it. Taylor is an awesome Top. He’s aggressive, takes delight in watching his thick cock split someone in two, and eager to fill someone’s hole with his load. But he wants to be a team player and also wants to mix things up a bit. He takes the initiative, not wanting to be a One Note Player. He did bottom for Nash, but he really struggled to find any pleasure in bottoming.

We both thought it was time for him to be properly fucked, and Ransom had the perfect dick to do it. But I wanted to play off of the video that Taylor did with Bastian. Taylor tied him up and had his way with him, but this time we would reverse the roles.

Ransom loosely binds Taylor’s hands and then face fucks him. We even get some POV Cam in there. Very hot to see him bound up and force fed a cock. Then my next goal was to get a butt plug up him and have it stay in him a good long while so his asshole would be nice and loosened up for the fucking. Of course Ransom makes him suck his dick some more while Taylor keeps his butt plugged ass in the air.

Finally Ransom takes it out, and eases his cock in…and no shrieks of pain from Taylor this time! In fact, it got him hard!

Ransom fucks him good, and I think Taylor is no longer afraid to bottom. Though he still likely going to be top dog most of the time..he is just too dominant. The dominant side come out a third of the way into the movie. Taylor gets up on the bed and makes Ransom finally suck his cock. We get some fun POV cam on that too.

Finally, Taylor is back in his element, teasing and toying with Ransom’s hole with his fat cock. Some POV cam here as well and you can see that Taylor has a little malicious side to him as he forces his cock on Ransom.

I timed this video so Ransom would have a cock in his ass just long enough that it would make him cum. Followers of the site know that Ransom is often jumping off the cock that is banging him for fear he is going to cum. So this time I just let him unload as Taylor fucks the cum out of him.

Taylor takes a few moments to ramp his cock up hard, and as always, delivers a perfect load all over Ransom’s hole, then stuffs it in, cum dripping from the top and bottom of Ransom’s hole.

We leave with Taylor fingering the cum, shoving any that got away back in up inside of Ransom.”

- Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

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