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CorbinFisher: Aaron fucks Dru

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I knew I couldn’t wait to get these two lean-muscled studs together – and I figured no one else could wait either. But Aaron and Dru could barely wait for the camera to start rolling before they were on each other, kissing passionately! They were clearly excited to get each other naked and start playing around.

Dru pushes Aaron’s shirt up and begins licking his nipple. Aaron smiles devilishly and I knew this would be a fun time for both of them. Playfully, Dru licks Aaron’s chest as he asks Aaron to “Flex for me?” Aaron grins and flexes his biceps. This drives Dru wild, and he can’t keep his tongue off the hot stud, licking his chest and arms!

Aaron returns the favor, bending Dru backwards, licking and kissing his bud’s stomach. I could tell Dru wasn’t able to wait much longer to start doing more. As they kiss again, Aaron stands up and Dru unzips Aaron’s jeans to reveal his big tool. Aaron watches intently as Dru helps him out of his jeans and tells Dru to “Suck it!”

Aaron’s cock stands at attention as Dru swallows his long, hard meat. Smacking Aaron’s ass playfully, Dru pulls him even deeper into his mouth. More kissing leads Aaron on top of Dru, where he grinds his stiff dick against Dru’s. “Oh my God, I want you so bad,” Dru tells Aaron, whose response is to go down on Dru’s rod. He comments on how big his pal’s cock is, before going to work on Dru’s tight ass.

Dru squirms in ecstasy as Aaron teases that ass with his tongue, playfully exploring Dru’s balls as well. Finally, Dru can’t take it – “Don’t tease me anymore! I want you to fuck me!”

But Aaron won’t quit teasing the big-dicked Dru! Even as Dru’s ass is pressed up against him, Aaron slides his dick tantalizingly up and down Dru’s crack, but won’t let Dru have it yet – even though he’s begging for it!

But of course, Aaron can only tease so long – he wants to be inside Dru as much as Dru wants him inside. He starts drilling away at Dru’s ass. Dru moans and whimpers, as Aaron discovers, “Oh fuck! Your hole is so hot!”

The intense fucking pushes Dru’s face first onto the bed. Aaron pulls him up and over so he can pound away while watching Dru enjoy every second … and every inch. Dru holds onto Aaron’s tight body and tells Aaron he is making him light-headed. Dru grips the edge of the bed to keep riding the wave of intensity, then tells Aaron he wants to ride him.

Dru helps guide that cock inside him and his own stiff dick is harder than I’ve ever seen it! It slaps against his abs as Aaron thrusts up inside Dru, deeper and deeper.

Unable to hold back anymore, Dru moans and shoots his load all over his stomach, and quickly tells Aaron he wants him to cum in his mouth. With a “Holy fuck!” Aaron blows his load all over Dru’s hungry lips. But that’s not enough for either of them! Dru sucks Aaron’s dick to get every lasts drop, then Aaron goes down on Dru to suck his seed dry.

As they kiss, Dru tells Aaron how amazing it was and Aaron replies, “You’re telling me.”

Actually, I think they showed us!”

- Download the full-length scene at Corbin Fisher

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ActiveDuty: Diego and Austin fuck Fox’s tight ass in “Deep in the Foxhole”

Active Duty writes:

“In the second scene of Active Duty’s new release, Deep in the Foxhole, Fox teams up with Diego and Austin for another grand slam and these three hit one out of the park. This was actually Fox’s first hard core scene but, by the time it’s over you’ll be wondering just who is the veteran here.

Deep in the Foxhole is just what the title implies: An extra deep exploration of Fox’s hot little hole. He gives it up like nobody’s business and keeps the troops happy as they get free reign of his ass and mouth. This guy came to play and Diego and Austin are more than happy to jump in the sandbox with him and have some fun.

For their scene in Deep in the Foxhole, Diego and Austin take Fox on a wild ride that leads to both of them fucking that ass, using that hot little mouth of his for their pleasure and feeding him their huge loads which he laps up with enthusiasm. They also give Fox plenty of attention and lots of servicing. Diego offers up his ass to Fox in the end and Fox proves that he’s just as good at fucking a hot tight ass as he is at offering his up.

Fox isn’t the only one to take a hot load in his mouth, Diego turns around after Fox has fucked his ass good and takes Fox’s hot wad in his mouth, too.”

- Watch the full-length scene at ActiveDuty.com

MenHardAtWork: Berke Banks fucks Parker London

MenHardAtWork.com writes:

“Parker London is a great father and wants nothing bad to happen for his kid. When teacher Berke Banks calls meeting to discuss Parker’s son’s suspension, Parker wants to make sure he does everything humanly possible to keep that from happening. Berke has an idea on how on a different kind of expulsion invoking Parker.”

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CorbinFisher’s AmericanCollegeSex: James and Travis’ bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Young James has certainly had himself loads of fun since first arriving at CF, fucking and getting fucked in some intense, hot videos and experiencing a whole host of new things! Here, he gets to experience just how wild and hot a bi threeway can be, as he and Travis get into it with Ashley and one another!

Travis also has himself a blast with the action here, getting to fuck Ashley with that big dick of his, while also getting his own ass plugged by James’ cock! Seeing James pull his dick out of Ashley and then immediately start sliding it in to Travis’ ass is an insanely hot sight, and you can tell all three of them totally loved that!

As hot as that and all the intense foreplay in this video are, though, it’s really James’ hard, deep drilling of Travis’ hole that puts this one over the top! James has the perfect cock to really drive Travis wild, and thoroughly fucks Travis’ ass, driving him wild and making Travis wail in pleasure.

Ashley reaches under Travis to grip and stroke his hard cock, and, combined with James’ fucking his ass, all the sensations become too much for Travis as he starts to blow a huge load all over!

He then lays back to take the tip of James’ cock in to his mouth and swallow every drop of cum as James starts to shoot his load!”

- Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex

Fratmen: Elliot and Julian’s hot duo scene

Check out college jocks Elliot and Julian as they stroke and suck each other’s cocks at Fratmen.tv!


CocksureMen: Berke Banks fucks Zac Blake

CocksureMen writes:

“Zac is busy playing with his new iPad and his cock. Apparently that’s about all he’s been doing lately because Berke is pissed when he finds him there spanking it. Instead of just sitting there staring at porn, he makes Zac get on his knees to suck a real dick.

Zac knows better than to mess with a muscle bear when he’s angry, so he listens to whatever Berke says. With his dick long and hard, Berke is ready to fuck Zac’s sweet little hole.

Zac loves being pounded hard, fast and furious by Berke’s thick meat. Berke continues to pound away until he can’t hold back any longer and explodes onto Zac’s ass and back. Zac flips over and deposits a load of his own onto his smooth stomach.”

- Download the full-length scene at CocksureMen.com

RandyBlue: Dominic Brown and Riley Price fuck each other

Randy Blue studs Dominic Brown and Riley Price are like two horny college guys who can’t get enough hot hardcore fucking.

- Download the full-length scene at Randy Blue

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SeanCody: Alan pounds Jamie

Sean Cody writes:

“From the moment Jamie and Alan met, I knew we were in for some roughhousing!

From Alan’s off-color jokes to Jamie’s handstands, both of them LOVE to goof off! Only minutes into the shoot they had clicked and were giving each other shit.

They talked straight-guy girl stuff for a moment, but I was excited to see them fuck, so we sequed out of that quickly! Both of them are bundles of energy, and I knew that Jamie could take Alan’s pounding.

And he did! In fact, Jamie was so into it, he starting to push down and grind himself on Alan’s cock!

I love how Jamie has become quite a dominant bottom!”

- Download this hot scene at SeanCody.com

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BrokeStraightBoys: Braden fucks Brian

Braden fucks Brian tight ass at BrokeStraightBoys.com!


- Get the full-length scene at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys

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MyBrothersHotFriend: Trent Locke fucks Brenden Cage

MyBrothersHotFriend.com writes:

“Trent is nothing but trouble, and he thinks he can get away with it because he’s buds with his guidance counselor’s bro. Mr. Cage however, doesn’t care who he knows and isn’t going to play that game. If Trent wants to take a stroll down a long, hard road, so be it. But just when you think he’ll be kicking rocks, he winds up licking cock. Here cums another vale-dick-torian!”

- Download this hot scene at MyBrothersHotFriend

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