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Yuri fucks Peter’s virgin ass at SeanCody

SeanCody: Yuri pops Peter's ass cherry

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“Yuri likes acting, and he wants to be famous. “I want an Oscar,” Yuri joked. Well, maybe not for what he’s doing here! But if they gave awards for fucking, I think he’d have a shot!

When I first met Peter, I wasn’t sure he’d even be interested in having sex with another guy, let alone do it on camera. So, when I asked him and he said “sure,” I knew Yuri would be the perfect one to pair him with. After all, Yuri wants to be famous and if he must be famous for something, it might as well be for fucking hot American ass!

Both of their bodies are in sick shape so having them go at, together, was a great time all around. When they met, the chemistry was instant. Yuri stepped right up to the role of top and wasted no time diving in to Peter’s sweet, virgin pucker. He’s like a little jack rabbit, hammering away at Peter’s hole in positions both horizontal and vertical, abs engaged with every fast, intense thrust.

Yuri jacked Peter’s thick cock while he plowed him on the bed until Peter shot a huge load all over his stomach. Yuri let Peter enjoy his climax for a short minute before he pulled out and shot his own giant load all over Peter’s stomach!”

- Download the entire scene at SeanCody.com

Leo Giamani bangs Parker London at CocksureMen

CocksureMen.com writes:

“This week superstar Leo Giamani, with one of the biggest cocks in the industry, has the pleasure of pummeling rising star Parker London’s sweet hole. Before the fucking begins, both guys make sure to spend plenty of time tasting each others meaty members.

Parker is still hungry so he buries his tongue deep inside Leo’s ass. This gets Leo raging hard and ready to fuck Parker’s bubble butt. Parker seems a little worried at first getting that tree trunk shoved up his behind, but he’s loving it in no time. After doggie-style, Parker jumps on top and rides the hell out of Leo’s horse-cock. Parker squirts his load with Leo’s monster still in him. Leo pulls out and cums all over Parker’s cock and abs.”

- Download this hot scene at CocksureMen.com

Cocksure Men

Beefy college jock Griff at Fratmen.tv

Fratmen.tv: Beefy college jock Griff

If you like them rough & tough then Fratmen.tv‘s latest model Griff is your guy. He’s thick & solid with mischievous grin and sex appeal that really shines through!


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Hagan fucks Gerin raw at Chaosmen

Chaosmen: Hagan barebacks Gerin

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Let’s say just say it. Gerin is a Bottom with a capital B. Sweet!

I am so happy to have this little tyke doing scenes for me. He is more than happy to get as big of cock in him as he can, so I thought I would start off with the biggest one I had available. Gerin said Double Penetration wouldn’t be out of the question too, so I am hoping to make that finally happen …

Gerin easily takes Hagan’s monster cock, and I think Hagan ‘let go’ a little when he realized this little guy half his size was going to be able to really FUCK. It’s fun to watch Gerin really pound back against Hagan, with wild abandon.

My favorite part of this video is when Gerin rides Hagan’s cock in reverse cowboy position. We really get to see Hagan’s cock slide in and out of Gerin’s hungry hole.

We got a great cumshot out of Gerin as the always-hard Hagan pummels Gerin till he nuts.

Hagan nuts all over Gerin’s ass, plunging his cum-soaked cock in and out. His aim was a little off, but it turns out to be an awesome creampie ending!”

- Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

Alex Slater fucks Ricky Martinez at MenOver30

MenOver30: Alex Slater bangs Ricky Martinez

MenOver30 writes:

“Alex Slater made quite the impression when he made his debut here on MenOver30.com. Those bedroom eyes & French Lebanese features had many of our members begging us for more of this exotic looking New Yorker so we decided to bring back the newly inducted member of the MenOver30 club. New on this site, Ricky Martinez, is one of Chicago’s finest. Tall, dark and handsome, Ricky will be Slater’s playmate this afternoon.

They start making out as they slowly begin to explore each other. Their tongues and lips get better acquainted as their clothes begin to find their way onto the floor. Alex then stands up as Ricky pulls down his jeans. As Ricky pulls them down; Alex’s boner pops up inches from his face. Ricky can’t resist the temptation as he goes down on that juicy cock. “You suck some good dick” Alex grins as he watches Ricky swallow his cock deep.

Alex then goes down on Ricky’s cock and starts to suck on his growing meat. It’s short lived as Ricky slowly gets Alex back on the couch so he can continue sucking that cock of his. Alex lets him have his fun but eventually he wants to taste that sweet ass he’s about to plow. He bends Ricky over and starts getting to know that spectacular ass. “Come sit on my dick” Alex orders as Ricky backs up and sits down on Alex’ bone.

Alex is buried deep in that tight ass as he starts slamming that cock up into Ricky who just moans while he begs for more. Alex then gets Ricky up off his cock before bending him over into a hot doggy position. From here Alex puts Ricky on his side before sliding that cock back inside that hole. Ricky has one leg up as Alex fucks him silly. He pounds him hard and deep as they make out and get each other closer and closer to a growing climax.

Alex is slamming that dick as deep inside that ass as he can and Ricky loves every inch of it. At the pace these two are going it won’t be long before their balls explode. Once they get that familiar tickle in their cum-filled balls they dismount, sit back and jack themselves off. One by one they shoot their thick loads all over themselves. Whew.”

- Download the entire scene at MenOver30.com

Jarrett Rex pounds Benjamin Bradley at RandyBlue

RandyBlue: Jarrett Rex tops Benjamin Bradley

Randy Blue writes:

“We were thrilled to have sexy muscle jock Jarrett Rex back after some time off, and couldn’t wait to pair him up with the adorable Benjamin Bradley.”

- Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com


“Smell My Pits” with Alessio Romero at ManAvenue

ManAvenue: Alessio Romero ... "Smell My Pits"

ManAvenue.com writes:

“Ever smell the real scent of a man? Ever bury your head in his hairy pits because they were not covered by deodorant and reeked of masculinity, testosterone … and it really turned you on?

Well, Alessio loves smelling his own manly pits and was all to willing to show us as he clearly got turned on by his own smell.

Truth be told, the smell made my dick hard just being in the room. When he commanded the camera get up close, it was all I could do to keep my face out of his pits.

Ahhhhh, Alessio. The smell of your pits was such a turn on. Thanks. Hope to smell you again soon.”

- See more of Alessio Romero at ManAvenue.com

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NextDoorBuddies: Wade Holder and Brandon Lewis fuck each other with a dildo

NextDoorBuddies: Wade Holder and Brandon Lewis fuck each other with a dildo

NextDoorBuddies writes:

“It’s one thing to catch your friend jerking off, but it’s another to find an open laptop with porn playing and a dildo laying next to it in your brothers house when you drop in unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened when Wade Holder brought Brandon Lewis to his brothers house for a party.

When the two showed up, Wade’s brother was nowhere to be found, but there was some porn and a dildo laying on the coffee table.

After the shock wore off, the two, realizing they were alone, decided to make use of the skin flick and flesh colored ass plunger.”

- Download the full-length scene at NextDoorBuddies

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Travis gets fucked by twins Luca and Liam at CorbinFisher

CorbinFisher: The twins Luca and Liam tag Travis

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Not only is this video the second release from our trip down to Costa Rica, but it also happens to feature some insanely hot action and quite the milestone for CF’s twins, Liam and Luca! Both of the twins, along with Travis, joined us on our trip out of the country and all three had themselves a blast while there! Not only did they all have some fun exploring Costa Rica, but you’ll see here that they had some incredible fun in the bedroom! What’s more, Liam does something he’s never done before – fuck another guy!

If it was just studly young Liam fucking another guy, that would be impressive enough in and of itself! We’ve seen this straight stud get in to some oral fun with another guy here at CF before, but he’s never buried his own cock in another guy’s tight ass! All that changes now, however, as he fucks Travis! Not only does he fuck Travis, though, but he also does it with his brother, Luca, right there with him! It must be pretty wild getting in to some hardcore fun with another guy for the very first time while your twin brother is not only right there with you, but also joining in on the action!

For his part, Luca looked totally blown away by the fact that it was all going on! He never thought his twin brother would be up for hardcore action with a guy, much less that he’d be right there to witness it and also be a part of it! To say the least, it was wild for all three of these guys!

An image that will forever stick in my mind after this hot session is that of Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam’s cock. Every time Liam thrusts up in to Travis’ ass, Travis’ stiff dick gets driven deeper in to Luca’s hungry mouth!

Another insanely hot image from the action is Travis’ load! While getting fucked by Luca and getting jerked off by Liam, Travis starts to spray cum everywhere – and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn’t stop shooting, and cum is flying all over the place! If that wasn’t enough, both Liam and Luca end up drenching Travis with their own loads immediately thereafter!

As eagerly as Liam sucked, fucked, and kissed Travis, it was obvious he was quite glad to have decided to try some hardcore guy/guy fun! As turned on as Luca was to see his brother taking such a big step and being right there for it all, he really had himself an amazing time with it all as well! And as much as Travis clearly loved taking on both the twins’ cocks and getting fucked by one brother right after the other, he could not have looked any hotter or content!”

- Download the entire scene at Corbin Fisher

Drew Cutler fucks Gianni Luca at ImAMarriedMan

ImAMarriedMan: Drew Cutler bangs Gianni Luca

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Drew is looking forward to checking out the game with his wife’s friend, who he thinks is also a big ball game fan. Gianni is a gracious host and stoked for the company, but one glaring problem is…there’s no T.V. Drew was set to pound down some brews and get his game on. Gianni, always one step ahead, convinces him there’s a ball game he might like just as much, and it involves pounding his tight ass. ”

- Download the complete scene at ImAMarriedMan.com

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