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Shane pounds Colin Stride at CollegeDudes

CollegeDudes: Shane fucks Colin Stride

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Shane and Colin together has to be the most exciting scene we have released in months.

From the minute Shane and Colin locked lips, these two generated a lot of heat! Shane had said before the scene that he was very turned on by Colin and could not wait to have a go at his ass, and Colin seemed to get those vibes and in return turned it up a notch like never before.

Just the way Colin treats Shanes big cock with his mouth and throat was enough to give the entire crew boners, and then when Colin starts riding Shane, you can feel the hot raw intensity of fucking between these two.

Shane bends Colin over and fucks him harder than Colin has ever been fucked, then flips him over and fucks the cum out of Colin. Shane licks a little of Colins jizz off the tip of his dick, and that makes Colin hungry for some jizz, too. For those of you who know Shane and his explosive cumshots that average 5 or 6 feet – imagine Shane firing off his entire load into Colins mouth at point blank range. Colin cleans off Shanes cock for the end to this incredibly hot fuck!”

- Download this hot scene at CollegeDudes

Chris Bines, Richard Pierce and Ryan Rockford’s hot threeway at RandyBlue

RandyBlue: Chris Bines, Richard Pierce and Ryan Rockford's hot threeway

Chris Bines, Richard Pierce and Ryan Rockford are sexy tattooed muscle studs getting into a horny threeway at RandyBlue.com!

- Download the full-length scene at Randy Blue

Phenix Saint fucks Dayton O’Connor at MyBrothersHotFriend

MyBrothersHotFriend.com writes:

“Dayton was looking for his brother, but busted his room mate Phenix, in the act of jacking off! Most people might be a little taken back by this, but Phenix doesn’t care. After all, the more the merrier, right? What starts off as a two guys innocently stroking turns into full on fucking. Bring back any memories?”

- Download the entire scene at My Brother’s Hot Friend

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Sexy Marine stud Fox at ActiveDuty

ActiveDuty: Sexy Marine stud Fox

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty’s War Chest update introduces a devil dog that is the epitome of what a sexy Marine should be. I’m still drooling over this one, troops. Major Wood really scored big with this hottie and let me tell you, this guy is a real fucking trooper. You’re gonna lose it when you see Fox.

Fox says he got the nickname from his experience in the rave scene where the lady’s call him Foxy.

Fox is from the East Coast and has been in the Marine Corps for about two years. He’s loving the SoCal party scene. In high school Fox boxed and played soccer. He’s 6′ 1″ tall, weighs around 175 pounds and has perfect lips and beautiful baby-blue eyes.

Fox is a natural show off and he loves the attention. We get some nice glimpses of that beautiful ass in the mirror and of course the stroking. It doesn’t take long before Fox is blowing a huge, gushing load of hot jizz all over himself and its one big mess that lands on his dog tags where he licks it off of the American flag. If you ain’t singing “Old Glory” by now, you’re a tough one to please.”

- See more of Fox at ActiveDuty.com

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Connor pops Jonas’ ass cherry at CorbinFisher

CorbinFisher: Connor pops Jonas' ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Jonas has been quite the trooper since landing at CF! Recruited by his girlfriend, Addison, it wasn’t long after he first appeared here that he agreed to tag her with another guy, and ended up fucking another guy! Now, he’s taking the next step as it’s his turn to get fucked!

I’ve been quite impressed with Jonas’ attitude so far! You’d expect someone in his position to be a bit hesitant at times. I wouldn’t even blame him for feeling a bit threatened, on occasion. After all, he knows his girlfriend is going to be aware of everything he’s up to and even knows he’s doing stuff with guys that have done stuff with her! In fact, the first time Jonas fucked a guy was with Josh – who he’d just tag-teamed Addison with a couple weeks prior!

Here, Jonas is set to get fucked by Connor! The last time Connor was in a video with Addison here at CF, he was fucking the daylights out of Colby while she watched. I wonder if she ended up telling Jonas about that, afterwards! If she did, Jonas must surely have been aware that Connor has himself a big dick and likes to fuck hard and deep! If he knew that beforehand, he definitely didn’t seem bothered by it! In fact, he looks like he’s having himself quite a lot of fun here and enjoying everything that’s happening. As Connor puts his hard dick in front of Jonas’ face, Jonas wastes no time getting it in to his mouth and sucking it!

I guess it’s safe to say that Addison and Jonas are one of the most open-minded, fun-loving couples you might ever encounter! That’s made all the more clear here as Jonas keeps working over Connor’s cock, stroking it with his fist, sucking it, and licking it up and down with his tongue. Perhaps Addison also told him she thought it was hot as hell watching two guys fuck? Knowing that, and knowing she’d likely see this video, he could have been determined to put on a hot show for her. Or, he could have just been so wrapped up in how good everything was feeling with Connor! It was probably a bit of both, I suspect!

As Jonas bends over the armrest of the sofa and Connor starts to eat his ass, Jonas throws his head back in pleasure and moans. Connor’s tongue and fingers are definitely doing the trick, and Jonas looks more than ready to get his dick in him. He even can’t help but smile a bit as Connor teases his hole!

Soon, though, it’s time for Connor to slide his cock in to Jonas’ ass. With both guys on their knees, Connor starts to pump in and out of Jonas’ hole, getting loud moans out of him with each thrust. Jonas continues to moan loudly when they switch positions and he sits down on Connor’s dick. With his own cock flopping and bouncing around, he fucks himself on Connor’s cock hard and fast, every inch of it sliding deep inside him!

Connor then gets Jonas on to his back so he can keep fucking him, and we’re soon treated to the sight of Jonas blasting a huge load all over the place as Connor pumps him! As much cum as Jonas shot all over himself, he ends up with even more once Connor pulls out to shoot his own load all over him!”

- Download the entire scene at Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher

Phenix Saint fucks Shane Frost at NextDoorBuddies

NextDoorBuddies: Phenix Saint bangs Shane Frost

NextDoorBuddies writes:

“It’s been a while since you’ve seen Phenix, but he’s back in force and he’s ready to dominate some tight ass. Shane Frost volunteered for the scene, and we know he likes it rough, so we told Phenix to take control and make Shane his bitch… and that’s exactly what he does!

From forcing the the cocksucker to lick his armpits, to slapping him around and buttfucking him hard, Phenix dishes out the humiliation and the cock.”

- Download the entire scene at NextDoorBuddies

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Parker ‘Edge’ at Chaosmen

Chaosmen: Parker 'Edge'

Chaosmen writes:

“Since Parker got Serviced by Grant, I thought Parker would be perfect to experiment on in the Edge chair. Working a little underwear fetish, cock bondage, and cum play in this one.

Used some toys on him to try and wake his ass up. We’ll see if this will get him to bottom in the future.

Awesome cumshot on this one as he shoots straight up in the air. Very powerful and erotic!”

- Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

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Jake and Blake cross the line in “Alpha Tango” at ActiveDuty

Active Duty writes:

“Active Duty’s new DVD release, Alpha Tango, throws Alpha males in a bed together and you’d better be ready for a Tango. This is the second scene which includes Jake and Blake, they come ready to Tango in Alpha Tango and the results are hotter than hell.

You’re gonna love watching these two go at it as Jake opens up and lets a guy suck his cock for the first time. This is classic “crossin’ the line” action. Jake is the epitome of the straight, tough alpha male and by the time it’s all over, watching him use Blake as his little bitchboy cocksucker is going to blow your mind and make you wish like hell you were Blake.”

- Watch this hot scene at ActiveDuty.com

Ian fucks Levi at CorbinFisher

CorbinFisher: Ian fucks Levi

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When Ian recently returned after having been away for awhile. we wanted to make sure he got to enjoy the full CF experience! He got most of that covered as he was fucked hard and long by Connor and really got his hole worked over in that appearance! Now, it’s time for him to get to experience things from the other side and fuck another guy – and what better guy to have him do that with than Levi, one of our hot new arrivals who has proven himself to be an incredibly hot bottom?

I think Levi had a particularly fun time with this one. He knew that Ian had very limited experience when it came to doing stuff with other guys, and so made it a point to guide Ian along and make sure he was having a good time. Throughout their kissing and on through their clothes coming off, we can see a slight smirk on his face as he’s eagerly anticipating what’s to come and getting Ian’s dick in him.

Ian looks a bit lost at first, but soon settles in to things and ends up unable to hide his own occasional, slight smirk once he gets his dick inside Levi’s ass and starts to fuck him!

One of the things I like most about filming Levi get fucked are those noises he makes, and there’s no shortage of them here! He keeps unconsciously moaning, “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” as his ass gets pumped, and you can just hear in his voice and see in the look on his face that he totally loves it! When he moans, “It feels so good!” you can tell it really does for him!

Seeing just how in to it all Levi is can’t help but get Ian turned on, and as he’s fucking Levi on his back he’s constantly staring down at his face to see the reactions he’s getting out of Levi and see just how much Levi loves getting fucked. He also gets to see it all up close as Levi starts to blow his load all over his hard abs! That’s enough to make Ian want to cum, as well, and he pulls out to start shooting a massive load that keeps on spraying all over Levi’s chest in spurt after endless spurt!”

- Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher

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Landon bangs Isaac at SeanCody

SeanCody: Landon fucks Isaac

Sean Cody writes:

“Some of the guys are just plain SCARED of Landon’s cock! The first time I got to see Landon fuck, all these ideas went through my head about possible pairings. Unfortunately, when I asked some of the guys I had been thinking about, the response was often: “Dude, that cock is way too big for me!”

So for now at least, we’ve had Landon with some with of our “hungrier” bottoms! Isaac definitely loves a big cock and wasn’t at all intimidated by the size of Landon’s. In fact, he was pretty darn excited and when he finally met Landon, you tell it was going to be fun!”

- Download this hot scene at SeanCody.com

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